Vanilla Berry Parfaits

Total Time
5 mins
0 mins

Delicious and easy, this is a fabulous mix of berries and yogurt! If you like, you can make a thin layer of graham crackers or granola in each vanilla/berry layer.

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  1. Cover the bottoms of two small glasses with a layer of yogurt. Cover layer with berries.
  2. Repeat until both glasses are full, ending with a fruit layer. Sprinkle with graham crackers and nutmeg.
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These are great. A fantastic way for me to get DD and DH to eat healthy. They both loved it. :) I used blueberries out of the freezer (from earlier this summer) and crushed teddy-grahams. YUM! Too easy not to make again.

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This is a good and easy recipe. My kids appreciated the change from the usual granola to graham crackers. They all commented on the wonderful flavor from the ground nutmeg. What a great idea! Thanks!