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This is a really great recipe. You can modify it the more you make it. Couple of notes: the cook time was way more than 12-14 min. It was closer to 19-20 (other cupcake recipes usually run 375F for 20min, I didn't want them to brown so I kept the temp low and cooked longer.) I poured the milk way before I started cooking and scraped the vanilla bean into the milk and left the stalk in the milk (removing before mixing in the batter) to let the flavor infuse while I prepped all the ingredients and started the process. I also added another tsp of vanilla extract so that there was a clear vanilla flavor instead of just a hint. These cooked up beautifully and they're delicious. The aren't as spongy as a box mix but they aren't egg heavy like other recipes.

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nikkisigouin September 19, 2013

These cupcakes are lightly sweet and bake up very nice. They are a little dense, so they hold up the frosting nicely. I used #222188 and added a little more milk to that than it called for. This fluffed up the frosting nicely to compliment the cake. I did not use baker's sugar, just granulated. I'm new to baking cupcakes not in a box and I really enjoyed it. I am looking for all natural cupcakes that do not have synthetic dyes or hydrogenated oils, this fits that perfectly. I will be using this for our daughter's birthday party coming up. Thanks for the post.

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Smilyn January 02, 2012
Vanilla Bean Cupcakes