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The only problem with this cheesecake is once they've tasted it, people keep hounding me to make it again... not that I mind having it around... This is some delicious, delicious cheesecake.

I usually serve it with some sort topping--in the autumn, I make a pumpkin whipped cream (yum), but I've also made simple sauces out of blackberries, sugar, and rum (with some spices)...

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aj McPieguy November 18, 2011

This isnt the same as cheesecake factories. There is no mouse and no whip cream as part of the recipe. This is like a pizza without the cheese or sauce. You really should try the cheesecake factory or order a piece in TGIFridays and you will see how much is missing.

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internette February 11, 2010
Vanilla Bean Cheesecake