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I have enjoyed making these and sharing them so many times with my friends! My mom really loves these. The salt in this helps alot for ankle pain! She says they do a world of good to her ankles! It's hard to get people from stopping their hands as they go to eat these. Few find it "not too funny". LOL. These cookies really look like little vanilla cakes. I make mine in my muffin cups and in a flat baking tray!My muffin cups are heart-shaped and these cookies looked very cute in 'em. I'd like to just point out that one must be careful in step number 5 because if you over-mix the dough, then, it no longer remains of such consistency that you can hold it in your palms and shape it into round balls. It becomes of dropping consistency. I made this mistake of over-mixing the dough, so, I wanted to share this point. Ofcourse, once the dough is of dropping consistency, the bath cookies also come out a little messy, i.e., not the perfect round little bath cookies you'd be expecting to see. So one has to take care while doing the mixing of the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. I add a few drops of pink food colour to make it look more pretty always! A definite keeper!

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Charishma_Ramchandani November 12, 2003

This did not work for me at all. The batter is difficult to work with, they are unattractive, and when introduced to water, smell like eggs and do not melt. I do not recommend wasting your time.

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scoochmaroo June 30, 2009

I just made these, using almond oil and almond extract and red coloring. I used my Pamp. Chef cookie scoop and got 37 cookies. They cooked up nice at 7 minutes. They are pretty and smell nice. I will rate after using one in the bath. I hope to use these as part of Christmas gifts. Oh, and I had no strange smell when cooking. Well, after letting sit for 24 hours and trying one, I have to rate it lower, as it does not dissolve at all. You have to crumble it. The smell also is gone. It's a nice idea, but needs some reworking. Maybe only 1 egg?

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WI Cheesehead December 02, 2008

Found your recipe on the what we feed our families forum! Wic thank you for sharing and looloobear I sure hope mine come out good! Jelly

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HotPepperRosemaryJelly November 29, 2008

Can't wait to use these in my bath tomorrow! They smelled a little funny baking, but that's what you get when you bake salt.

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adawndria October 09, 2008

I have made these before, but I must have overcook my "cookies" because I found that they did not dissolve in the bath too easy. These are fun....but, there are other great things out there that I would make before I came back to these

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Abby Girl July 26, 2007

Oooh, can't wait to try. I wonder if adding dried lavendar, for a calming effect, would be a good indicator not to eat them! I have all these ingredients now including some dried lavendar so can't wait to make.

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txishvn April 11, 2006
Vanilla Bath Cookies