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This was easy and sooooo good! I put these in little bags to give away. I also made it with melted milk chocolate, it tasted like chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Just a note, I noticed that if I put the bark in the freezer to set up it made the cinnamon hearts dull and a bit tacky but in the fridge they were fine. I didn't end up using the full cup, just sprinkled on until I thought it looked good. Thanks for the great recipe!

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Rollin in the Dough! February 16, 2010

i used semi sweet chocolate with a corner of mint-chocolate-chips and it turned out super yummy! Def, will use this again for party treats and a travel snack! My chips took about 8 Minutes to melt. Great Recipe and Thanks for Posting!

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m1n1ch3f February 06, 2011

This was super easy and good. I didn't make very much....only half a bag of chocolate chips (I used semi-sweet) but it worked well still.

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Chef Hollingshead February 19, 2011

Like Barenaked Chef, this recipe absolutely did not work for me. At least not in the oven, and my oven's lowest temp only goes to 170 degrees, and even after 20 minutes, the chips hadn't melted at all. Luckilly I was able to resolve the melting of the chips, and melted them in my double boiler, which only took 5 minutes. Personally, If you have a double boiler, I would skip the oven method to melting the chips, as the double boiler is a much quicker way to go. I did want to add... that when I made this bark, I used a bit more of the chips to make a bit more candy. I used 2-(12 oz.) bags of Nestle's Premier White Mosels, or you could use 1 (1 lb. 8 oz.) bag, plus I used a bit larger size jelly roll-type pan (mine was, 17-1/4" x 11-1/4" x 3/4"). I didn't use an entire cup of the cinnamon candies, I just sprinkled on desired amount. I also placed the pan in the freezer for 5 minutes to quickly firm up the bark, and the cinnamon hearts didn't get dull nor tacky as another reviewer had stated. I also made the semi-sweet chocolate version, and it took 15 minutes to set up in the freezer, and after you touch the chocolate, it immediately melts onto your fingers and makes a chocolate mess, plus I didn't care for it taste-wise. I like the white chocolate best, and will stick to making that from now on. For Easter, I plan on using this recipe to make Jelly Bean Bark, and for Halloween, I'll make Candy Corn Bark, and for C'mas, I'll use crushed candy canes to make Peppermint Bark. I bet this would also taste great with dried cranberries and Pistachio nuts. If I were to rate this recipe as written, I would only give it 1-star, but since I was able remedy the melting of the chips, I decided to give this recipe 5-stars. It's the only recipe I will use to make white-chocolate-bark candy. Thanks for sharing this recipe mamacancook!!

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Domestic Goddess February 14, 2013

LOVED THIS!!!! I used milk chocolate chips, and the cinnamon candies. SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE. My lowest oven setting was 170 degrees, and I had them in the oven 5 minutes, and they were perfect. So, with the ease of this recipe, it got my mind going. I made one with the cinnamon candies, and I made one with peanut butter. I melted the milk chocolate chips, then dotted it with peanut butter, swirled it in with a knife, sprinkled it with a little sea salt, and then chilled in the fridge. AMAZING!!!!! I am going to try these again with a mix of peanut butter chips, and chocolate chips. I am also going to try it with caramels, or marshmallows. I guess the possiblities are endless. I noticed the store had cherry chips, too. Nice to have all the options. My DH is a chocoholic from the word go, so this is perfect to have on hand for him. Thank you mamacancook for this simple, yet versatile recipe.

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Becky in Wisconsin February 15, 2012

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this recipe absolutely did not work for me. My oven's lowest temp only went to 170, and even after 10 minutes they weren't melted enough to spread. They began to brown on the bottom, so I lifted them all up and put in microwave with a bit of half and half. The color was not white, but it least it became spreadable after working it a bit. I can't imagine what went wrong since it worked for others, but I cook daily, so it wasn't that. The chips were Nestle brand, as well.

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Barenaked Chef February 15, 2012
Valentine Bark