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This was really tasty and so easy to make. I loved the way that once you'd put it in the oven you could forget about it for 45 minutes. I only had half an eggplant so I added some carrots as well. Just before I started making it I realied that I didn't have any ground peanuts or cashews but it tasted great withouth them. I served this over rice.

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Kitzy January 12, 2008

Wow, really fantastic vegetarian entree! Almost no changes to report, except I used fire roasted crushed tomatoes and, because I ran out of room in the dish, left out one of the potatoes. For some reason, at the time I felt I should add 10 minutes to the total baking time, so I did, but found that it was not necessary. The two of us ate this in one sitting, no problem at all! At first my BF asked me why I gave him so much, then he polished the whole thing off and said he guessed I didn't give him too much after all (hehe)! The lemony taste was so fresh and intense. Offset the curry taste. A keeper! (P.S. don't know what dhana zeeru is so I used cumin and coriander)

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Kumquat the Cat's friend December 07, 2007

Wow! This is really tasty and quite easy to make as well. The only changes I made were to use some tahini instead of nuts (which I didn't have) and a bit of curry powder, cinnamon and Chinese five-spice powder (!) as a rough substitution for garam masala, and chopped instead of crushed tomatoes. I am eating it right now, with brown rice. Make sure you serve it very hot, almost straight from the oven.

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Goldcrest June 10, 2009

This was really good! I love Indian food and this was very Indian tasting. I used ground cashews and Japanese eggplant because that is what's commonly sold here in the Philippines. Thanks for another fantastic vegetarian recipe! Made for veg*n swap.

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Enjolinfam August 07, 2008

This recipe is not the prettiest (DH was grumbling about how he'd have to order a pizza because he was SURE he was not going to like it), but it definitely has great flavor and is quite easy to make. DH begrudging admitted while eating that he liked the dish. We both enjoyed the eggplant more than the potatoes. Next time, I might just make the eggplant. I made no modifications to the recipe other than to use regular chile powder as I didn't have Indian chile powder. I used ground cashews. This was enjoyed. Thanks so much!

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Dr. Jenny May 01, 2012
Urmila's Baked Potato and Eggplant Curry