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I have no frame of reference for what a pastie is supposed to be but I thought this turned out good. There was way too much filling though so I baked the extra in a dish. That would have worked if I had covered the dish! I guess being in the crust the filling must be steaming to help it cook. I did greatly reduce the amount of salt and pepper in the filling. This would NOT work for someone on a low sodium diet! I think the crust could have stood with less salt as well so I will try 2 tsp next time. ETA: I made them all up at once but only baked half of them. The others I put into the freezer. Last night I pulled them out and placed them on a cookie sheet. I loosely covered them with foil and baked at 350 for 60 min then removed the foil. I think it was only another 15 min to cook them completely. I'm so glad I did it this way because they came out just as tasty as if they were fresh baked!

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Chef Tweaker January 28, 2009

Yep, these are the real deal, all right! My grandma was from Lake Linden in the Copper Country. She made the BEST pasties! When I tried to get the recipe from her, it was just, "Oh, a handful of this and a little bit of that." She did it by "feel" and "sight".These took me straight back to my childhood, Rose! After browsing through about 50 other pasty recipes here at zaar, yours was the only one with a lard crust. I knew I had the right one! That's what makes a pasty authentic and gives it that true U.P. flavor! Dee-lish! Look no farther, folks, this is THE U.P. pasty you're craving! Thank you so much for posting!:-)

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BIG_CHIEF January 24, 2009

Mad half a recipe, and used one teaspoon of salt in the crust and added a teaspoon baking powder. Next time to the two cups of flour I will add 1 1/2 teaspoons salt. It was a little scary making hot water crust, not knowing what I was getting into. But end results were crispy, and flakey in nice layers, better than puff pastry. I had chopped all my filling too tiny, so next time will keep to a medium size chop for vegetables, and I didnt use enough turnip, of course I din't follow the exact amounts to recipe, my fault. I am making again and soon. After baking I frozea few, and when placed in oven at low heat , I swear the crust was even flakier,

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andypandy October 04, 2010

Cut the filling recipe in half. I had at least half left over even after loading them up pretty full. Additionally, I would cut way back on the salt next time- in both the crust and the filling. I'm a salt lover, and it was pretty strong, even for me. Of course, it's up to one's own taste. In any case, these are delicious, and I, along with several other reviewers, was skeptical about the hot water and lard method for the crust, but it was super easy and the crust was easy to work with and flaky when baked.

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mblinva_ July 11, 2013

Very good, but next time I'll cut the pepper amount in half.

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Carol G. February 28, 2007

These remind me of St. Ignace. Really easy dough to work with and very tastey and flakey when cooked. I used leeks in place of the onions, venison in place of the sirloin and added some shredded carrots and chopped celery with the other veggies. With just a sprinkle of garlic salt, oregano, & margorum it was perfect. Thanks for a great taste of home.

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Bippie February 06, 2007

Excellent recipe! Had way too much filling. Next time I will double the pastry recipe and make some more and freeze them.

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Anonymous May 22, 2015

I am a transplant from Georgia to the U.P.. My fiance was born and raised here in Marquette. He had not had a homemade pasty since his mother passed away. I made this recipe and he was blown away. The crust was flaky, and not at all dry (seems to be the main gripe about store bought pasties). Next time I make it, I will make more dough (add another half of the dough recipe) and also a touch of worcestershire to the sirloin. I used the 8 potatoes (each one about 3 inches long) a rutabaga about the size of a softball, and 3 sweet onions about 2 1/2 inches wide. I cut all of the vegetables about 1 cm squared. Perfect. I asked him if he would like to take some of them with him to work to share, but he refused. He lovingly wrapped up the leftovers to freeze and seems unwilling to part with any of them. I did a test pasty first and found that the 425 degree crisped them too much for my taste, so the next batch I did at straight 350 (cooking most of them only half way so they would reheat better). Thanks for everyone else that posted suggestions. I need all the help I can get. Don't be afraid to try these. I will use this crust for so many things; it was worth that alone. Thanks for posting this recipe. You helped me make a Yooper very happy.

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Elaine S. July 14, 2014

We didn't like these pasties at all, but then again, we're southerners and this was an experimental dish for us. However, the crust was extraordinarily good & I've made it several times in the last 6 weeks. Was very glad to find this method for flakey, EASY, foolproof pastry. Thanks for posting.

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Weewah October 10, 2012

What a wonderful recipe! I made these with my 5-year-old daughter last night and they taste just like I remember getting up in MI when we go to our tri-annual family reunion. There was a lot of filling left over. I used average sized potatoes and an average size rutabaga and onions, so I%u2019m not sure how I had enough left over to fill probably 4 more. Just cooked up the extra filling in a pie dish. May try making it into a soup as my UP-er mom suggested. It was great to share our heritage with my daughter! Thanks!

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cthmpsn_1466309 April 05, 2011
Upper Michigan Pasties