Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 25 mins

This was a recipe I got from Wegmans grocery stores in our area. It tastes even better reheated.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 1 lb 95% lean ground beef
  • 1 cup rice, uncooked
  • 1 (26 ounce) jar tomato and basil pasta sauce
  • 6 cups shredded cabbage
  • 1 14 cups water


  1. Cook the ground beef and onion in a large nonstick skillet on low heat until meat is no longer pink.
  2. Add rice, sauce, cabbage, and water.
  3. Salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Bring this up to a boil, lower heat and cover and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes.
  5. Being Italian, I usually use my own homemade sauce when I make this.
  6. I just measure 26 oz.
Most Helpful

This recipe sounded so good, but we ended up just tossing it out and going out for fast food. I followed the recipe as is, but my rice never seemed to stop being crunchy. I tried adding more water, a can of tomato soup, anything to give it more liquid to cook the rice, but to no avail. It ended up cooking for over an hour and by then the cabbage was unrecognizable. If I were to attempt this recipe again I would use either cooked rice or instant and save the cabbage until the last 10 minutes or so.

ceashel April 05, 2002

Nancy, Excellent!! I just love this recepice it is so much easier and quicker than cabbage rolls.

lpartlo August 16, 2009

This is fantastic!!! I made it for dinner the other night. I used Hunts Cheese and Garlic Spaghetti sauce and pork sausage instead of ground beef. They were a perfect combination. It was sooo good!! I also used less rice(,1/2 cup.). It did take a while for the rice to cook, but it was worth the wait. I think the spaghetti sauce gives it a lot more flavor than plain tomato sauce does. That's why I chose this recipe over the others. It was easy to make. For dinner last night, I put some of the leftovers in a skillet and sprinkled some shredded mozzarella cheese over the top of it and cooked it until it was hot and bubbly. It was really good. I also made my Garlic Butter Rice to go with it. It was a good combination. I think either cooking the rice separately and then adding it to the meat and cabbage mixture and then cooking it until it is hot and bubbly like you do with spaghetti, might make a difference. Or, serve the rice on the side. It is a wonderful recipe that just needs a slight adjustment. I also think using spaghetti sauce instead of tomato sauce makes this recipe unique. It has the potential to be a 5 star recipe. I will definitely be making this again with other "flavors" of spaghetti sauce. Thanks for sharing your recipe Nancy. It is a keeper. One that I will be making again and again..

AuntWoofieWoof September 05, 2008