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Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 25 mins

Is your white rice sticky? It doesn't need to be. The whole secret is in rinsing it many times in cold water to get as much starch out of it as you can before boiling it. Then you have nice fluffy rice that is all separate. It took me many years to figure that one out. It never fails.

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  1. Put the rice in a sieve and rinse many times with cold water till the water looks clear that drips from the bottom.
  2. When it looks pretty clear, put it with the 2 1/4 cups water, and the salt, and cook it, covered, till done.
  3. NOTE: The milky water that you will see is the starch that comes off the rice and it is the starch that makes it sticky.
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I made this last night to go with fish and it is fool proof and simply perfect rice. Thanks for a great recipe and my choice for PAC 07.