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These were very good. It only took a day for the eggs to start absorbing the color. My son and I shared one every day to see the change, and by the 4th day they were pretty much done. A nice addition to salad. I actually think I'll make another batch today :-)

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afghanmom May 11, 2008

I have a deep and abiding dislike for beets. I always have. That being said, for some strange unfathomable reason I decided to do a batch of these purple eggs. I do like pickled eggs and that's a fact. Not only did I like the eggs, I liked the beets too. I figured I must have slipped a cog or two so I whipped up a second batch just to see how crazy I was. Then a third and yet again a fourth. As I write this review there's a batch in the works in the fridge, I disremember if it's the fifth or the sixth not that it matters all that much. These have become one of my favorites. Thanx for posting this great recipe. Pierre

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Pierre Dance March 10, 2008

I can't believe it's been almost a year since you posted this before I made it. I'm ashamed, I tell you! Ashamed! ;o) However, now that I've made it, I've turned over a new beet! These are delicious. I didn't even wait a day before I threw my jaws into one. Yummy! I am letting them sit with some white onion slices because... well, because the onions demanded it and who am I to argue? And I increased the salt a bit because... yup. The onions demanded it. Dastardly things. Anyway, I'll definitely make these again, thank you, UC!

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Sandi (From CA) January 12, 2007

These eggs are awesome, took the advice of other chefs and added some slices of onion. Yum! The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that there wasn't enough brine to cover 12 eggs. I quickly threw another cup of vinegar on the stove and dissolved 1/2 cup of sugar in it and added it to the jar, still didn't cover so I topped up with straight vinegar. They turned out well, just a little more vinegary than I'd hoped, next time I'll work the brine out with 4 cups of vinegar as opposed to 1/2 cup. They were still very yummy though and will definitely make these over and over. The pics I took of the eggs are only after 12 hrs! (No, I couldn't resist either ;) ) They really do get better and better as the days go by! Thank you Unknown for the great and different spin on pickled eggs!

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LuckyMomof3 March 17, 2011

Beets and eggs! I have looked for this recipe for a long time. Beets are in the garden, so I was determined to find an authentic 'purple egg. This worked out to be delightfully pick-le-y. Just for kicks, I added a touch of garlic and a couple of red pepper flakes, because it was only us eating them. And they only last 1 day anyway. Will be making these again, soon! Thanks UnknownChef86!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm July 19, 2007

This is just like my mother's pickled egg recipe! She grew up in the hard coal region of eastern Pennsylvania and this is how they serve them there, too. The only change is that we add a few very thin slices of onion. My family always has more boiled Easter eggs then we could ever eat, so we pickle the extras and they disappear!

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m0m February 16, 2006
Unknownchef86's Purple Pickled Eggs