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I actually made this a while ago however was not able to submit the review. the directions for me were pretty simple. It doesn't matter what size the pot is. You just put in the amount of water you would if you were boiling potatoes. I boiled them too long (phone call) so added extra to compensate. For some reason I don't like Ragu so I used the homemade tomato sauce that I canned last year. I used clam broth, and left out the salt due to dietary restictions. I would definitely serve this to company. My husband is in love with it. Leanne

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Chef at Heart July 11, 2007

Made this for lunch today. I would have liked more clams or clam flavor. I think the directions were a little vague for trying to make the recipe the first time. For example in Step 6...without knowing what size soup kettle you are referring to, it's impossible to know how much water to add. And at the very end, adding the spices. It would have helped to have some measurements, with a comment to add more or less to taste. I didn't know if I wanted to put in a pinch of thyme, or a teaspoon. I felt like I had to fiddle a lot to decide how much seasonings to add. I realize that seasings are very much a personal preference but I felt a little in the dark as to a starting point. All that said, we liked the soup, and know that I've made it once, I have some ideas of how to adjust the seasonings for our taste. Thanks for posting the recipe.

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Ms*Bindy February 15, 2006
Uncle Gary's Manhattan Clam Chowder