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This is delightful! Loved it! and I will make it again and again! Made for Football Pool 2012

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westtextazzy December 13, 2012

Best! Best! Best! Best!.....no twissis you cannot overuse the word *BEST* to describe this sauerkraut dish. I so appreciate dear Uncle Emil's recipe for 'kraut. In Baltimore this is very similar to how we fix sauerkraut, usually as a side dish with roast turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving. Most people look at us a bit oddly because of our desire for 'kraut, but it because of the same influence as dear Uncle Emil. I followed this exactly, because there is *nothing* that brings everybody clambering up the front porch and into the house like simmering 'kraut. I used some applesauce that I had made from the fall for the cup of applesauce so we still had the taste of the orchard, fresh onion from the root garden and one of the last potatoes. I totally am so in love with the dish, Dennis and myself could of easily eaten the whole thing just ourselves. Sometimes, canned sauerkraut has a bit of a "ting" from the canning process, but no worries here, as I can see the potato and onion, mixed with the butter and sauce to produce such a smooth taste. WE adored this twissis, and hopefully Uncle Emil will give us his nod too. Thanks so much!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm January 07, 2008

This was very good and the directions worked perfectly. I used the chicken bouillon cube option. My husband said he liked the flavor but didn't care for the starchy texture from the potatoes and applesauce. I paired it with Fall Sausage Skillet Dinner. It made a very tasty meal. Made for Holiday Tag.

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Engrossed January 13, 2007

Wow, thanks so much for sharing this quick and easy to make dish Twissis. It was wonderful. I loved that you could clearly taste all the different flavours. I served this with a nice roasted pork tenderloin, it complimented it perfectly. Next time I will double the recipe because it's just sooo good. A very tasty and satisfying comfort food. A new family favourite....Kudos

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Baby Kato December 28, 2006

A real winner for us! Loved talking with you on the phone! You said we would like it and you were right! My dh said "I really like this." We had Italian Sausages with it and dh wanted his on a bun with mustard. When he finished, he said "Make me another one!" I couldn't believe it, he usually don't overeat. It's a keeper! "HITYL?"

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Chef Mommie May 25, 2006
Uncle Emil’s Czech-Style Sauerkraut