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Yum! This was really easy and had a great aroma and taste. I got a little carried away with the Frank's hot sauce, but it was still really good. lol. Thanks rickoholic83 for a nice meal with leftovers. Made for PRMR Tag.

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lazyme December 07, 2011

This recipe is FANTASTIC! Bravo! I used pork tenderloin and of course I did not have to cook it as long, but did let it sit to eat until the next day . WOW. What flavors. I cut back on all 3 peppers used, though and used regular V8. Thanks for posting.

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Koechin (Chef) February 03, 2011

This is a delicious chili! I cut the recipe in half because I only hade 1.5 lbs pork tenderloin. I used Wolf brand chili without beans because I do not care for beans. I did add some corn to replace the beans. We are watching our sodium intake so I used the following in an effort to reduce the sodium a bit: I used Taco Seasoning Mix and Mexican Enchilada Sauce in place of the store bought varieties. I left out the salt called for in the substitution recipes and instead added 1 teaspoon beef bouillon granules to add some salt and flavor to the chili. I also used canned petite diced tomatoes that do not contain salt. I did add 1 can of beer and it added a nice flavor to the chili. Very simple recipe...I love that no chopping is required! We couldn't wait until day 2 to enjoy it as stated in the directions...but I am sure it is outstanding as 2nd day chili. I served the chili with Cornmeal Scones. Thank you for the recipe.

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swissms October 09, 2009

I halved the recipe, and had no idea what chili con carne was, and no one at my grocery store could find it either. So I took the advice of other reviewers and used chili beans with the addition of ground beef. At first, I thought it would be too soupy, but once I added the extra ground beef, it thickened up. This recipe was very easy...no chopping, and basically just consisted of opening up cans. That is what made it so amazing! The taste is absolutely wonderful!!! I've never made chili with pork, but this was very good. My only concern is the high sodium content of all the canned items. The taste of this recipe and the ease of preparedness merits 5+ stars.

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breezermom December 13, 2008

We enjoyed the chili very much. I did cut back on the ground pepper for the more delicate tasters but it really was not necessary. I browned the meat & did add onions, spices & 1/2 cup of beer. Simmered for 1 hr. before adding the remaining ingredients. I did not use the canned chili but browned my gr. beef & added the beans with tomato sauce. Then finished simmering in the crockpot. This chili is different from the usual, was well received now & often in the future. Thanks for posting Rickoholic!

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Kit^..^ty Of Canada November 04, 2008

Wonderful and delicious! Has a lot of great flavor and spice! We enjoyed it! I used Homemade Enchilada Sauce and Taco Seasoning Mix and also used a low fat turkey chili minus beans as the kids and dh don't like beans. I halved the recipe and it still made a LOT. :) Thank you!! 10/28 DD made this for a chili cookoff and won!! This recipe made it into our book#179809!

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SweetsLady January 01, 2008

We liked this. It was very spicy though, even with cutting the cayenne and red pepper flakes in half, and leaving out the jalapenos, hot sauce, and spicy V8. I think we would have liked more beans and less enchilada sauce for our taste. Served 10-12 with tortillas or bread.

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Maito December 21, 2007

I served this tonight to my BIL and SIL and they loved it! It's a bit on the spicy side so some of the kids wouldn't eat it, but the heat was just right for my DH, DS and me. I like chili in all forms and I loved using the combination of pork and chili con carne. I served it with Aunt Bev's Hominy as suggested and it was delicious. I had never had hominy before but really enjoyed the way it complemented the spiciness of the chili. Great recipe rickoholic. Thanks for posting!

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MamaJ October 21, 2007

10 Star's!!! That's what DH said. I cut the recipe in half and made just a few changes. I browned the pork first in a little oil, I didn't have any Frank's red hot sauce so I used Cholula Hot sauce. The chili con carne that I used was Cattle Drive and I added an extra can cuz the chili looked on the soupy side. I also used a hot enchilada sauce. Boy! was this a nice and spicy hot dish. It has a great chili taste. I was a bit worried with all the odd and unusual chili ingredients, but when someone spends 20 years trying to get the recipe "It has to be good!" Oh, I also served it with some red kidney beans. We don't care for Hominy so did not serve with Aunt Bev's Hominy. Thanks rickoholic83 for posting.

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teresas October 17, 2007
Uncle Dick's Pork Chili