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I made this exactly according to the recipe - couldn't stop eating the filling before putting them in oven. Delicious!!!!! Best stuffed peppers EVER! I can't imagine why some of the comments say that people doubled the cooking time on the rice! Rice takes 20 minutes to cook, period! LOL

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mrsalty September 12, 2012

I've made this recipe many times and both family and friends love it. Thanks for posting

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madriley61 August 16, 2009

Uncle Bill..yer a culinary genious ! This recipe makes the best stuffed peppers I have ever tasted. Using an assortment of peppers makes for an eye catching presentastion. Although I have been using this recipe for a least 1 1/2 years I have been negligent on submitting a rateing..for that I'm ashamed. The only additions I have made to this already perfect dish is, when available,I use diced fresh tomatoes from my garden,I add three leaves of chopped fresh sweet basil and four tablespoons chopped fresh parsley...not that it needs it but I do need to use items from my garden ~grin~ The carrots give a suttle sweetness. Last fall I froze the last of the peppers ( mix of red and green) from the garden that were about the size of a walnut. For Christmas dinner I stuffed them using this recipe. I arranged them on a plater of fresh spinach leaves. They were not only delicious but beautiful. Thanks for sharing a materpience from your recipe file ! Samijo

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Sammijo September 05, 2007

These were pretty good but I think next time I'd add cheese to the entire beef mixture before stuffing it into the peppers because when I cut into them everything kind of fell out and was crumbly. I think maybe it needs something to bind it all together. I also skipped boiling them and just stuffed them and baked them. We don't mind them being a little crisp. Other than that these were pretty good and I'd make them again. Thank You.

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MTpockets January 12, 2007

Excellent! What a great (and healthier) change from the standard stuffed pepper recipe. This was a little time consuming, but worth every second. I used a food processor for all the vegi chopping, which also helped the picky eaters not to pick out what they didn't think they liked--instead we all loved the meat-vegi-rice stuffing mixture. The only change I made to this recipe is that I used oregano, instead of Italian seasoing (which I didn't have) and skipped the salt. I did have a lot of extra stuffing mixture, so next time I will make sure to buy bigger peppers (we used a colorful combination, 3 green, and the other 3 different colors (red, yellow, & orange). This is a great dish to bring to a potluck, especially using the different colored peppers. Thanks Bill for a great keeper!

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ellie_ August 12, 2002

Uncle Bill, my husband and I just loved your stuffed peppers! He gives you 10 stars! I can't post a photo because they are all eaten! Oishii, ne!!!

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Shirakomaru May 06, 2014

Uncle Bill another great recipe! It took a bit of time to put it all together but well worth it. I had a ton of stuffing, probably because I added another carrot, eyeballed the mushrooms and onion, but had 2 extra peppers so I quickly blanched those as well and that was the perfect amount. I really like that there are so many vegetables and not just meat and rice in this stuffing. Since I am the only stuffed pepper eater in the house, I froze several of them for another day.

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DeniseBC March 17, 2014

The stuffing will be resting for about 9 hours in the cold garage until early in the evening to get all the flavor mixed together. I can my own tomatoes in which I used 1 quart whole Roma's which are excellent in the dish along with 1 quart of canned Roma Tomato juice,also I did not add any ketchup or mushrooms. I do not use any store bought tomatoes from a can! I also grow all my own peppers. I added 1 1/2 teaspoons of a combination of Jalapeno, both hot and mild Banana peppers, Bell peppers, Sorrento peppers and Cayenne peppers that were dried then ground up last fall. I tasted the mixed before sitting it in the cold garage and the stuffing is excellent tasting.This is before I even stuff the peppers. I used orange bell peppers which have a nice sweet taste verus the green peppers that have a bitter taste just from not being ripe or left on the vine long enough to turn red. This makes a lot of stuffing so try to have at least 5-7 peppers ready to use up the stuffing and I still think there will be extra. These have a very good taste and will make again.

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Timothy H. February 15, 2013

This filling is fantastic! Wonderful recipe thanks so much for sharing :) Used the leftovers to fill pillsbury crescents, so yummy!

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Mel#608 November 01, 2012

Thanks for all the experimentation you did to get this wonderful recipe, Uncle Bill! My boyfriend isn't a big vegetable eater and I am, so I have to find ways to compromise our palates. Enter: Uncle Bill's Stuffed Sweet Peppers. My omissions/substitutions (due to lack of time and/or ingredients) were: omitted the ground beef and substituted with the equivalent amount of baby portabella mushrooms (ps. mushrooms are a great meat substitute) / used a can of diced tomatoes (we love tomatoes here) / had a bag of shredded carrots on hand but no carrots, so I finely chopped up the shredded ones which was surprisingly easy since they sort of stack up on themselves when you pull them out of the bag / used mild provolone instead of mozzarella. Also, I tend to make a pot of rice at the beginning of the week in my slow cooker, during the summer it's usually cilantro rice. Having this already made and on hand cut the prep time down considerably, plus the cilantro rice worked so well (especially with dill in the recipe). We'll be making this again and again here.

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notbettyhomemaker August 03, 2012
Uncle Bill's Stuffed Sweet Peppers