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Made this marmalade, flavor is great! I used Florida oranges from the yard, kind unknown, very juicy. Might have been sweeter than seville oranges so used one cup less sugar than suggested. It made alot more than 12 pints, so have a few extra jars around. The only thing I would tell you is that it takes quite awhile for it to jell so be prepared to be stirring for quite some time.(almost 1.5 hours) Enjoy, we are!!

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Robin Batterson January 19, 2010

Will try this marmalade as it's pretty well explained and these oranges must be in stores now or close!!!!!! Many TNX Bill Keep you posted Yves Bill, the oranges just came in around here(Ottawa)...I never tasted a marmalade this good!!! Wow!!! Not to sweet not to strong. For the sweet orange, I have tried a Cara Cara Orange and it came out very nicely...This one is going Straith in my favorites !!!! Many TNX again Bill. Yves

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Chef YvesLauzon February 03, 2009

Uncle Bill, In a word...Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing this delicious recipe. We were given a bushel of locally grown oranges for Christmas and needed to do something with them in January. This was perfect.I thought the amount of sugar would be too much but it was just right. Not too sweet allowing the tartness of the orange rind to shine through.

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Trinkets January 07, 2009

This is the first marmalade I've ever made; I chose this recipe mainly because it proceeded in a manner that I could follow. Some of the others were far too intricate and complicated for me! The directions were easy to follow, and the results were admirable. I made it exactly as the recipe states and it is lovely, clear with bits of peel floating in a amber jelly. Not too sweet, just right. Thanks for an excellent recipe. This is my marmlade recipe from now on; no others need apply. All best from BB.

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Barefoot Beachcomber March 05, 2006
Uncle Bill's Seville Orange Marmalade