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ow this is as close to Grand Forks Borscht than any other recipe here. Thank you so much for posting it.

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lotusland August 29, 2010

This is a great traditional Doukhobor borscht. Its rich and delish and has just the right flavor, the peppers and cauliflower add just the right touch. For those of you looking for a bright red Russian borscht, obviously this isn't for you. If you want the pale, cabbagey borscht that is famous in the Grand Forks region of BC Canada, then you're at the right page. I've made this recipe four or five times now, and have learned not to deviate from how its written. its a lot of work, a lot of mess, a lot of prep and A LOT of Soup! regardless of how much you think it makes, it won't last long and what you do get into the freezer will eventually thaw out beautifully. I often get together with my sister, and we make a pot together, sharing the duties of chopping veggies and so on, then splitting the pot when we're done. We use my grandmother's biggest stock pot, and it just fits if we don't let it bubble too much towards the end. Thanks Uncle Bill for the great recipe!

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verybaddmom October 26, 2009

Now this is real Doukhobor borscht except for the cauliflour.PROPER!

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Arabannie February 18, 2003

This is a five star recipe all the way, I enjoyed making it and washing up all those pots too. I did find that I added a little bit more lemon juice in the end to bring it more together. I will admit though that I did leave out the cauliflower because its not one of my favourite things to eat. This makes a lot of soup, so now my freezer is full of portioned out dinners for those winter months to come. Thanks for linking me to this recipe, and I also left the beets in the soup after dicing up a little.

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andypandy October 20, 2010

This is similar to "traditional" Doukhobour borscht. I ommited the cauliflower, onions, lemon juice and peppers. I used 1 cup of butter (total) and 1 cup of cream. I sauted fresh dill with the canned tomatoes. Serve with diced green onions, cheddar cheese, dill and freshly ground black pepper. Please note: This recipe will not fit in a standard size large pot. I had to use two. I think I'll half it next time.

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JeanieofBC May 10, 2008

I served this recipe to some vegetarian guests we had over for dinner. I must say the prep time for this recipe is very intense and requires a lot of time to prepare. It was very exciting for all of us to have Borscht considering we had only had it a few times, from a woman that was from Russia. From what we can remember it was beet bright red and had a wonderful taste with not many ingredients. This soup was more like a vegetable soup that had a light red tint. The taste was good but just too rich to have an entire bowl. We decieded we were going to call it vegetable soup because it didn't remind us of the Borscht we had in the past.

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poeker April 18, 2004

I have made this borscht several times pretty much exactly as your recipe. I love it! My wife loves it! Of course, it's a huge amount of soup, so we've shared with friends and family. I've also taken to canning the leftovers, so we have it whenever we like. Thanks for posting this Hu...I mean Uncle Bill.

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Chef Bryn December 31, 2012

Wonderful borscht Uncle Bill, I too made some changes, I used half beef broth and half water, and also added some chopped cooked sirloin steak, I only added in a few teaspoons of dried dill, and I made a few other changes also. I made this to freeze in 2-cup containers, as this recipe makes a lot of soup, but ended up by eating just about half, my DH loved this soup! thanks for posting this winning recipe Uncle Bill, this is a keeper!...Kitten:)

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Kittencal@recipezazz July 18, 2005
Uncle Bill's Russian/Doukhobour Borscht