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Tried these last night and they were so good and very tender. I would have to say these were the best chicken wings I have ever made.

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shrake January 18, 2011

Truly delicious wings! I made these for a couple family gatherings over the holidays this year, served with homemade blue cheese dressing and celery, and they were devoured. I changed up the hot sauce recipe just because I used what I had on hand, (sriracha hot sauce, a little catsup, tiger sauce and a little butter) but the basic technique is great, and you can coat them in whatever makes you happy! I will definitely be doing a teriyaki version at some point.

Also, I am not usually one to think that boiling chicken is a great idea unless you're making stock, but in this case it gives you such a great result that I would make it the exception to the rule! I made 4X the wings because they came in 4# bags, but more or less just doubled the sauce, and it was plenty.

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Sassy Pants January 14, 2011

I do have to say "unbelievable" is perfect in the title for this recipe! I have made baked wings for years, recipe after recipe, until I finally gave up and decided frying was the only way to get a perfect buffalo wing. When I first saw this recipe, I noticed the method right away was different than all the others. Boiling them in water, then broiling them in the oven sounded unusual, but I thought what the heck lets try! I could not believe the end result! They came out plump and crispy on the outside. Everytime I would make baked wings, they always seemed to shribble up and never would crisp up very well on the outside. I tried several different methods and recipes and it always was the same. Not this recipe! I was so surprised that a baked wing recipe could compare so close to the fried ones. Absolutely the best, and I will always use this recipe from now on when I want to bake them. I am a wing fanatic, so when I say this recipe is great, I mean it! Cant wait to try this method with different sauces. Thanks for the great recipe and giving me my hope back on baked wings!

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*pink* August 09, 2010

to in reply to Grampy1939's review, it very clearly says BAKE at the BROIL setting. it doesnt say anything about actually broiling these... my fiancee and i make these all the time and love them. some things i do different is using a higher ratio of BUTTER(not margerine!, yuck!) we use a full stick(1/4 cup) to a cup and a half of franks hotsauce(we make 3 lbs at a time, increasing all ingredients by three) we also bake the wing directly on the rack with a drip pan underneath to get a crispier wing, tossing them two thirds of the way through and finishing baking to "glaze" the sauce a bit

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Paul E. July 15, 2015

Not that this recipe needs more accolades, but I'm here to give it some...I couldn't believe the crunch imparted by the boiling....I DO NOT like frying wings, so I always have to talk DH into the ones from the oven. He wants the fried ones, nonetheless, and now I can give him some that have the same crispy taste as 'fried', with none of the hassle. I may follow some other reviewer's next time, by dunking in sauce and returning to the oven, but the were great, as written. Served w/blue cheese dressing, I'm putting these in my Best of 2011 cookbook.

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alligirl April 18, 2011

Very similar to Alton Brown's wing recipe, except he steams the wings first instead of boiling. It's my 'go to' recipe for gatherings!

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ethanrobertson_721903 January 25, 2011

I loved the method for cooking these wings! The claims are true, meat fell off the bone and skin was super crispy!

I kept all the ingredients the same for the boiling of the wings but when I made the sauce I went with the copy cat hooters sauce recipe. I learned a valuable lesson about how hot my broiler is and next time will cut the broiling time. That's what I get for putting things in my oven and then leaving the first floor, rookie mistake.

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Smarahcakes October 18, 2010

Awesome! First time cooking wings at home and this was Perfect!! Hubby was nervous not using the grill, but WOW! We like crispy wings so we added time, went to 18min a side, which was too much. Had to stop at 15 on the second rotation so wings wouldn't burn. Also, we coated in cajun seasoning and then wing sauce before we broiled, which gave us a great crust. We will use this recipe over and over again

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sallyforthnow October 16, 2010

Neither dh nor I believed that these would be as good as restaurant wings when we first set out making this recipe..... BOY OH BOY were we wrong!! Now let me tell you, dh is a wing connoisseur, and not easy to please when it comes to his wings. We prepared the recipe exactly as it is written and wow! That's really all we can say. They were crispy (we baked them about 15 mins on one side, flipped em, 15 mins on that side, flipped em back and did about 3 more minutes), tasty, and just down right delicious! The first time we made them we used the sauce recipe and it was excellent. The second time we did them we used a prepared sauce just to see. Both ways were great! The hotness of the wings really depends on how you prepare the sauce, the wings alone aren't too spicy. This recipe has become a fast favorite and one we will make a lot!! Thanks!

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Daisy_Cat August 12, 2010

I am rating this based on the method of boiling and broiling only. The directions do not indicate whether the broiler should be set to "high" or "low" so I chose high and broiled for about 5 minutes per side. This worked out very well and the wings were crisp. I drained the grease off part way through cooking as I had to turn the wings over anyways. We do not like spicy foods so I just boiled in salted water and then followed with Mild Buffalo Wing Sauce which is a mild wing sauce. Excellent wings!

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mums the word November 19, 2009
Unbelievable Baked Buffalo Wings