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These were excellent! I made 2 batches. One of the reviews suggested that you brush with oil. This batch did not come out crispy. My second batch came out excellent, but I put the wings on a rack coated with cooking spray so they did not soak up any drippings. Very crispy and very delicious! NOTE: You can boil up a large batch of wings, cook some and freeze the rest. Thaw and just broil!

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buddyandrufus January 30, 2011

I did not add all the cayenne and red pepper flakes to the water when boiling and should have cut down on the salt also. However, this is a fabulous method and produced wings that tasted char broiled. So so good! I mixed 4 tablespoons melted butter with 1 teaspoon of cider vinegar and 1/3 cup of hot sauce and brushed it on before broiling.(Perfect amount of sauce for 14 individual sections of wings.) Less than 10 minutes per side and they were perfect! My quest for a great wing recipe is over. Thanks so much for sharing.

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Marie January 20, 2011

I doubt many of the reviewers actually did the recipe. i followed it to the letter, and would have wound up with burnt cinders if i followed through. I think the problem is semantics: there is a difference between "broil" and "bake". I broiled about 4 inches from the top burner. They started to burn after 5 minutes,the recipe calls for 15/20 minutes! perhaps "baking' at 425/450 would be more appropriate.

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grampy1939 February 03, 2011

Amazing, genius, unbelievable! I could go on and on! As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing worse than soggy wings. These were perfect- juicy meat on the inside and crispy skin on the outside. I used wingettes and Frank's hot sauce. Broiled them on the middle rack of the oven for 15 minutes on the first side and 12 minutes on the other side. Came out fantastic! Thanks for a great recipe. I will definitely be making these again.

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Pretz53 November 18, 2010

These are absolutely the best wings ever! I love the fact that they aren't fried, but they taste like it! I won't need to go to Buffalo Wild Wings anymore to get my "fix". I'm the only one in my family who likes hot wings so I made a small portion for myself for lunch. My wings were not that plump (bought the frozen bag at Dillons), so the broil time was about 10 minutes on each side. I used Frank's red hot sauce (my favorite) and butter instead of margarine. After the broiling time, I poured the sauce of the wings, turning to coat evenly and then broiled for 2 more minutes. This made the sauce stick on the wings better than just coating them without the baking. I have already shared this recipe with other wing lovers and it has been a huge hit! Thanks for sharing this fabulous recipe.

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5hungrykids April 21, 2010

I wrote a very enthusiastic review and it was lost. Here is my second, less ecstatic review. Very simply, these wings are THE BEST I have ever had. I've only been around for 19 years but being born and raised in New Orleans [WHODAT!, WhoDat, haha] I started out with all spicy foods early. These wings are better than fried. My sister who is borderline vegetarian (poor soul) actually liked these. I served them with some homemade, no mayo ranch. All together, the wings, franks hot hot wing sauce, ranch.. all cost me around ten bucks (considering the amounts I used, etc..) which is great for a college student! I love wings, it used to be an expensive addiction and now I can enjoy it, at home! Thanks, WhoDat...great recipe.

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Kaitty October 09, 2010

I can't believe I haven't rated these yet! I've been making my hot wings this way for over 2 years now solely because of this recipe! It is great. I follow as written up through the broiling, however, I don't use this sauce but utilize a spicey honey mustard sauce by chef SoSueMe. This form of cooking I think actually makes a better wing than the deep fried ones. We found that broiling 13 minutes per side, then tossing with sauce, and popping back in oven for 5 minutes or so bakes the sauce on -- a less "wet" wing. Also, never set my broiler about 425 - just personal preference. If you try it, you will not be disappointed.

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Trixie735 June 11, 2011

I have always fried my wings, so I was a bit skeptical to bake them. OMG! Not like this recipe needs ANYMORE awesome reviews, but this recipe really kicks any other recipes in the butt!!! I did do a little change to the recipe. After boiling the wings, I coated them with some flour so the skin could be a little crispier and the sauce would coat evenly. Trust me, my fiance and I love wings and we always try to find the best wing place here in Houston. Well, we don't have to go out anymore cause we can make them at home!!! This whole recipe cost us about less than $12. Compare to chain restaurants (where you pay $12/person) this recipe is the way to go!!! Thanks so much for showing me the light!!! :)

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sindimelvin March 20, 2011

5 star ranking is TOTALLY DESERVED! Husband called it a home run. Crispy, flavorful, a little spicy...do not be afraid of the cayenne and red pepper flakes, they just add a little spice. I did as Alton Brown does and let them sit in the fridge for 90 minutes on a paper towel lined baking sheet to dry out after boiling. Then broiled them, then tossed them in sauce. Next time I'll do this but cut the broiling time in half on each side and toss them in sauce and then throw them on the grill with the corn (they go great with corn on the cob). DELICIOUS! Thanks WhoDat...shoulda known with a name like 'WhoDat" (as in, Who Dat say they gonna beat dem Saints) that you'd come up with a delicious traditional spicy wings recipe....THANKS!!

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Mckick19 July 31, 2011

Made these for a Super Bowl party and they were amazing! I love how crispy they came out. I broiled them for 14 mins one side and 8 minutes on the other; put broiler on high, but left the oven rack in the lower baking position and they didn't burn. Will make again!!

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AZPARZYCH February 06, 2011
Unbelievable Baked Buffalo Wings