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I feel bad beacuase I have made these many times and have not taken the time to review them. This has become a staple recipe for me and is enjoyed by all of my family. I like to pair the beans with Mike Garcia's Sweet Cornbread, Sweet Cornbread. The sweetness of the cornbread with the spiciness of the beans compliment each other very well. I have never used hog jowl but have had great success with ham chunks and ham hocks. I would have loved to have had this recipe when I was a Scout leader, I think it would have been wonderful cooked over an open fire in a Dutch Oven alongside some peach dump cake (a sort of peach cobbler prepared in a Dutch Oven)!

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Chef Gary in Mesquite, TX February 03, 2008

Oh. My. Gawd. These are insanely good. Made exactly as directed, except threw in a ham bone with meat on it. Used the quick soak method (I forgot to soak them last night, but reeeaaaally wanted beans tonight!) and cooked it all together for 2 hours. Came out so freak delish!!! Just moved to the south and this was my first time making beans. OOH you made me look like a pro! Thanks so much!!

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xpnsve May 24, 2012

Absolutely a 5-star recipe. Boneman, I never cared for cooked beans but these are delicious. DH and perennial dinner guest also gave them a high-five. The rotel was a perfect addition. I used a leftover ham bone and didn't brown it. Just put all ingredients in the pot and let 'er rip. I waited an hour to add the rotel tomatoes because I know sometimes tomatoes make the beans hard. These beans were perfect, neither hard nor mushy. There was a lot of liquid but I will mush up some of the beans and make soup for later on. All the photos are misleading; the beans are beautifully white and red, very appetizing. Thanks so much for posting this recipe......Janet

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Jezski January 14, 2009

Great beans. I used canned tomatoes and 2 tsp. chili powder (we are spice wimps) instead of rotel tomatoes. And added 1 sliced green pepper just before serving because DS hates cooked peppers. I liked the texture due to the green pepper and I am thinking we could handle a tad more chili powder next time.

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Ty's Kitchen January 20, 2014

This was easy and tasted awesome! Got 8 thumbs up from our household. : ) Very versatile by your own tastes but very good just the way it is. We made this with Country Cornbread #16917 and made some grill cheese sandwiches to boot. Thank you for sharing!

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Heartspell January 16, 2014

Mighty tasty beans!

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rosslare July 15, 2013

So glad I spent a few minutes searching for a new way to cook great northern beans. These are wonderful. I did cut back on the liquid a little bit as I don't like my beans too 'soupy' and I went ahead and used all of two 10-oz. cans of Rotelle. Both a smoked pork hock and chopped up ham. Delicious. Perfect, served with corn muffins (substitute sour cream for the milk, add a handful of shredded cheddar and a drained 4 oz. can of chopped chilies).

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dzyla February 27, 2012

This was exactly what I was looking for... Made a few adjustments...no meat, used a Ham soup base, more onions, black pepper, more tomatoes... (you know how we all "doctor" stuff up!!! ) Excellent...thanks so much for posting this....

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Schnooker's Cookin' October 15, 2011

Extremely tasty beans. I definitely think the previous user who didn't soak overnight probably missed out on some of the texture, since they completely fill up with water overnight and become extremely tender and more mushy when you cook them then. I made a lot of replacements since I didn't have the rotel or the pork. Changes: added a tablespoon of garlic to the oil in the beginning, used chicken, sausage and turkey bacon (the meat I had available), instead of adding water, I added more juice from the tomatoes, also had 24 oz can of tomatoes I used instead, and chopped up two red peppers for the spiciness, also used powdered vegetable stock with water, and supplemented any extra water needed with more vegetable broth (stock water), which only ended up being one additional cup. even so it was super tasty!

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heejin October 02, 2010

Really good beans! I used chunks of ham in mine and followed the rest of the directions. My Rotel was 10 oz can so I just used a can instead of opening and using another 1/2 can. Came out perfect in texture and flavor. Just a hint of a kick. We served with fried potatoes and cornbread.

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enigma535 April 02, 2010
Ultimate Great Northern Beans