Ultimate Decadent Muffins

Total Time
1hr 2mins
Prep 45 mins
Cook 17 mins

This muffin has carrots, apples, coconut, nuts, pineapple, raisins. It is a really moist muffin as it has cream cheese and sour cream. It is truly decadent.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Preheat oven to 340 F degrees.
  2. Mix all the first 13 ingredients together.
  3. Beat the eggs, butter, cream cheese, sour cream and vanilla together with mixer.
  4. Stir the flour mixture with the butter mixture. Mix well.
  5. Spoon into well greased muffin tin.
  6. Bake at 340 F or until toothpick test is completed.


Most Helpful

I hate to disagree with the other reviewer but I must. I had high hopes for these muffins. I loved the ingredient list and while they sounded rich, they also sounded healthy with all the fruits and veggies. The one thing that worried me was the amount of butter. I was correct to worry. When these came out of the oven, they were so greasy that the paper liners were oily on the OUTSIDE. The texture of them is rubbery and far far too dense and they don't have that nice balloony muffin rise one expects. they are flat and just... dense. I CAN say that the flavor was good. But sadly that wasn't enough to get past the texture and greasiness. Also, the directions weren't clear enough on bake time. I have been cooking fpor a long time but no cooking time could confuse someone with less experience. The amount was far off too. They made 45 muffins. WAY more than the recipe says. I will try these one more time with about half the amount of butter and more leavening (far too little for the amount of batter) and see what happens. I seriously HATE leaving a bad review but I don't feel I have a choice. Thank you for sharing nonetheless and if these turn out better with decreased butter and more baking powder/soda, I will revise this.

JanetB-KY June 11, 2009

These really are the ultimate! Everything but the kitchen sink is in them, but everything makes them taste so good! These were so good I can't even tell you! I can't believe this recipe was never made!!! How could it have been overlooked for this long??? You have to try these! Phenominal muffins! Thank you Joy!!!

FoodieFanatic October 04, 2008

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