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These are amazingly rich and chocolatey! We didn't mind the ganache at the bottom of the cupcake at all. My son, who normally is not a big fan of cakes and sweets, adored these and asked for them again for his birthday this year:-) One bit of advice, I used Ghiradelli bittersweet chocolate chips and counted 32 of them for each ounce. So, for the ganache I used 64 and for the cupcakes I used 96 chips. Also, you can freeze these to use at a later date---that is, if there are any left! Enjoy...we love, love, love them!

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chark1226 December 13, 2013

So intensely chocolatey! I used Lindt chocolate with 70% cocoa solids - I think I might use something a touch lighter for the ganache the next time; for the cupcake, the very dark chocolate was just right. For some reason the ganache simply ended up at the bottom of each cupcake instead of nestling in the middle, as I'd hoped. Ah well, the taste was still gorgeous! Thank you for sharing!

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stormylee April 08, 2013
Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes With Ganache Filling(ATK)