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Dolores, the reason the skin was like leather was because you didn't follow the method I laid out, or use the rub that I specified. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, but browning the skin before grilling it was guaranteed to give you leather skin, and the rub I posted is the right one for this method. I stand by this recipe, and the method as written.

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P4 March 06, 2003

Did this using the oven method and had exellent results. Yes, it did seem like not much was happening for a while, but in the end the chicken was cooked nicely. The guys here gave out compliments, so it had to be yummy! (Sorry, I don't eat meat so can't give a personal review for the taste but trust me... if the guys here give a compliment I KNOW it's gooood!)

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yogi March 18, 2003

I must tell you this recipe went over very well here. We loved it. The smoking process is the best part of it.Love the apple jucie is great. We just loved the process of cooking and the tender tender chicken was the very best with the best tasting BBQ sauce. I have to tell you we love it and will use it over and over.Thank You

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Braunda March 19, 2003

Thanx for posting this recipe ... I thought that I would have to beat my husband over the head with a stick to prevent him from cranking up the heat, but we followed your instructions & the chicken was perfect! Since we were cooking for a large crowd, we had chicken on the 2 upper racks & it was difficult to brush with the apple juice. So my husband put the juice into a spray bottle & it solved the problem - what a clever man!

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CountryLady May 09, 2003

FINALLY, I get to review this recipe. I've tried this three times, twice on the grill and once in the oven. I have not had great luck doing this on the grill, but I'm certain this is operator error. Keeping the grill temperature between 230 and 250 degrees and using a grill thermometer and an oven thermometer, even after 5 hours on the grill, I could never get the internal temp (digital probe thermometer) up above 160 degrees. That having been said, the rub and sauce were great, so we just finished it in the hot oven and it was okay. Last night, I tried this exclusively in the oven and it worked like a charm. Granted I didn't get the smokiness from the BBQ, but the smell and the flavor were the ULTIMATE! Thanks for posting this, I'll have to keep working on the grilling skills, but the oven technique is great.

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Akikobay November 12, 2003

I used the rub from this recipe on chicken drumsticks and thighs, and also on turkey drumsticks and thighs, and put them in the smoker at 200-225 degrees. The turkey cooked for about 5 hours, the chicken for around 4. We used the same mop sauce on them that we had for the pork shoulder, brisket and ribs. The rub was great and the chicken came out fantastic.

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LadyRatri July 24, 2010

Wow! THE best BBQ chicken I've ever made!! I used the oven and it worked just as promised. I was seriously concerned this would be too (spicy) hot for our taste but once baked, it wasn't. It was terrific! I'm delighted to have leftovers of both the rub and sauce. Next time will be even easier and I'm going to try it with skinless, bone-in thighs. I'm wondering how this method, rub and sauce would work on ribs? Thank you so much, PetitFour for sharing this.

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sugarpea February 16, 2004

This was excellent!! I made it for memorial day, and it is fool proof! My brother-in-law usually mans the grill, so I did the prep and gave him the instructions for the grilling part. We sprayed the apple juice on as well. There was NONE left. This is definately a keeper.

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P_Town Ruth May 27, 2003

This chicken was the best chicken ever! The flavor and the moistness was out of this world. The only thing I did different was to put the chicken in my smoker and let it smoke for about 3 1/2 hours, then I put it on the grill and added the bbq sauce to finish it. I had so many compliments on this chicken. I knew it would be good when I saw that it was a Paul Kirk recipe-that man is a genious! Thanks so much for sharing this-it's definetly a keeper!!

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msjill111 May 31, 2010

This was the best chicken I have ever BBQ'ed!! Even after 4 days when I reheated a bone in breast the meat was still so moist and didn't have that funny chicken aftertaste, this is truly ULTIMATE CHICKEN!

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Pettylvr May 13, 2010
Ultimate BBQ Chicken