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I made no substitutions on this, and was *extremely* pleased with the final product. The lime juice and rum were a very nice touch (I even added a bit of the rum to the custard). We actually did have leftovers, about half of the pie. The following day, I realized I needed to come up with yet another dessert, but didn't want the pie to go to waste. The texture had definately lost its pleasing firmness overnight. I scooped out the interior of the pie and roughly pureed it in the food processer. I then toasted some crushed shortbread cookies, and laid them in the bottom of a small pyrex bar pan, and let freeze for a little while. The remaining ganache was thinned with a bit of milk, and poured on top of the crust. It hardened in the freezer for a while, then had the chunky banana puree poured on top. Another visit to the freezer, another layer of ganache and cookie crumbs, and a final layer of whipped cream. Some chocolate was shaved over the top, and I had a very nice second interpretation of a wonderful, first-rate banana pie. You know PetitFour, if this pie is what you come up with when you don't like something, I'd really like to see what you do when you actually like the ingredients you're working with... ;)

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s'kat August 04, 2003
Ultimate Banana Cream Pie