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An excellent example of how looks (and prejudice)can limit our horizons... I've never bought "real" beets before - much less with hugh leaves and roots still attached, or carrots with their long flowing leaves still attached - I hate cooked cabbage - to be quite honest I was given this recipe by a friend as a challenge. I was not very excited about it, but my pride forced me to give the whole adventure a try. Mostly because it was so far out of my element (guess I'm picky - don't really care for most vegetables outside of the usual cucumbers, lettuce, tomato - you get the picture ) So... this was like throwing stuff into a garbage can that was a soup pot. It had a pungent aroma (to me at least) while cooking. I did everything I was supposed to do to it - then let it sit overnight in the frig, because I just couldn't make myself eat it -after making it. The color didn't bother me nearly as bad as trying to fish all the stuff out of the "borscht" that was suppose to come out. I was certain this was so vile it would kill me - Boy - was I ever wrong. This was wonderful... I'm still stunned... AMAZING - just simply amazing. The description was right - I should have made a bigger pot! I could have never guess a more different outcome.

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The Thorn of Hudson, FL January 01, 2007

Recipe is super broth heavy. I would recommend reducing the broth by half, or upping the cabbage, beet and vegetable content by at least double. Traditional Borscht is made without meat, but I've always had it with beef added. I used venison, which also works well. Also, as my father always has when making borscht, I leave all the vegetables in, just chopped into bite size pieces. Whole potatoes are cool, but hard for young kids to manage - i would also recommend just cubing those and adding that way. Maybe a bit Americanized, but if this is your main course, as I use it, it needs to be heartier.

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lastrohm September 26, 2007

Thanks for such a great tasting soup.I have never had borscht,it was so good.I also have frozen some to have again.

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lin1 November 06, 2004

I cooked this for my family tonight. It was the first borscht for most of us, and even the first time eating beats for a few people.

Everyone really liked it, but there were a few things I would do different next time. I probably will not render all the bacon grease. Instead of taking the carrots and celery out I will probably just chop them up. I'll also add a bit more salt. We put 2 cloves of garlic in this time, I think i might put a couple of more next time.

Otherwise very good!

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oncedmw October 25, 2011

This recipe was amazing.The bacon really does something for the soup, and I would never make borscht without it again. I did think it could have used a little more veg content, but the flavor was perfect! I would up the cabbage by about 25%,add one more beet and one more carrot.This is by far the best borscht recipe I have come across. Thanks for sharing.

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whiten@uvic October 14, 2010

my favourite. i like a lot of stems. very very dangerous soup as it will destroy anything it comes into contact with.

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kaniwynplz July 19, 2009

I did not know that one should boil the beets in the soup broth and then take them out to peel later, this made all the difference for a rich red and tasty broth. Other than not using bacon I followed the recipe and loved it.

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MumTo3 August 11, 2008

Over 50 Borscht recipes here but your's is by far the best! This is almost the same as that mafe by my best friend's Mother, (RIP), who was Ukranian and a superb cook. She did not include beef and she always used a lot more beets. Oh, the dollop of sour cream was always sprinkled with dill. This is delicious. BF's Mother made and blitzed some for my Daughter to mix into my first Grandson's pablum and he thrived on it. Thank you.

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omeomy #2 May 06, 2007
Ukranian Peasant Borscht