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This recipe makes the best sweet bread! It's tender, fluffy and tastes wonderful. I had intended to follow the recipe exactly, but only realized I had forgotten the lemon zest when the shaped bread was rising. The bread is still fantastic, and I'm trying to figure out where this recipe goes right - I used bread flour, didn't need any extra, the dough was soft, but I could knead it, and after kneading it was less sticky, so I could shape it. I did sift the flour, and if that's what does it, I'll sift all my flour when I make bread. At least I'll give it a try. It's hard to belive a bread with only 1 egg in it is so good. This was my first experience with poppy seed filling, and I do think it may take some getting used to. I think it came out the way it should have, though I was surprised at how much of it there was. It was interesting. Thank you for another lovely recipe.

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mianbao December 12, 2004
Ukrainian Poppy Seed Roll