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This is an excellent sausage! I make homemade kielbasa every year, though using my Polish folk's recipe.. this year I wanted to try something different, so I used yours this time.. I'm not really sure if this is really 'yours' or not, because I did a search on the internet for Ukrainian sausage recipes, and there were many hits but they all posted 'this' recipe, lol.. anyhow, where was I? I went with the least amount of salt, 4 ounces course salt, which equals 3 TBS.. I found that this was the same amount of salt suggested for the amount of meat/fat in a sausage book I have, so I went with that, and I found that the flavor was perfect.. not too little or too much.. I did smoke some rings of this, but overall, my favorite way to cook this is to boil it (unsmoked) for a couple hours, then brown it under the broiler on both sides.. delicious! The only deviation I made was in making the spiced whiskey - I grow tabasco's so I used those instead of cayenne, but it worked out great. I'm not sure what the spiced whiskey does, since the sausage is not spicy at all.. I'm thinking it was just passed down from some drunken gramma centuries ago, she probably did an 'oopsies' and spilled it into her meat mixture and said it was 'on purpose', but we may never know.. lol.. Anyhow, I only post 5 star reviews, period. Anything I try on zaar that I would rather not try again I just forget about, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings because our tastes are all different, but this recipe wins 5 stars, in my book.. Thanks for posting this!

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steve in FL May 22, 2007

My adult daughter wanted to make sausage. I decided to try a new recipe and we did yours and it was very good. Used less salt though. Texture was good & spices were just right.

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Debbie K. Dowell May 31, 2004
Ukrainian Homemade Sausage (Kovbasa)