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This is truly a 5 star recipe with out a doubt! This chicken tastes exactly like the Jack Daniel's Chicken recipe used by TGI Friday's, which we do love! I used freshly ground pepper, the juice of one whole large lemon (about 1/3 cup) and used a small saucepan to combine the sauce and melt the butter. I left the skin on for the cooking process and removed it for serving. This chicken very well may be "UGLY", but it SURE IS DELICIOUS!! DO NOT DISCARD this sauce!! Save it to serve with the chicken in a small dipping bowl!! I've already been told to put this recipe at the top of my list to make again!! We enjoyed this so much, Heather! Thank you so very much for sharing this recipe!!

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Bev September 15, 2002

Ugly is a truthful statement here BUT so is DELICIOUS!!!!! I was cleaning out the freezer and used the chicken I had....boneless/skinless, boned/skinless and boned with skin. Used it all and it didnt matter a bit. Managed to save 1 piece for my lunch the next day but when I went to retrieve it, DD had eaten it on a salad as a late night homework snack! This will become a staple in our house for sure. TY Heather!!!!

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LAURIE September 28, 2002

Thank you for this recipe, we had this last night for dinner, only used 1/2 a cup of the honey but we loved it and I will make this again!

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Pets'R'us September 30, 2002

This is the BEST! All my kids ate it which is a miracle and DH ruled it as a keeper. It is very close to TGI Friday's Jack Daniels chicken. Really really easy and very very good!

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amyz3boyzz September 24, 2002

Thank you all for your very nice comments about my recipe! I have noticed that several folks have tried this with boneless chicken breasts instead of the bone-in parts called for in the recipe. You may certainly do so, if that is what you prefer, but please be aware that boneless chicken will cook in far less time than parts with bones. If using boneless breasts, I would start checking the chicken for doneness at 20 minutes and I imagine it would take no longer than 30 minutes to cook. Also - for those of you who enjoy a thicker sauce, I recommend pouring the remaining cooking liquid into a small saucepan and reducing it for a few minutes on medium-high heat - stirring and watching carefully so it does not burn. You could even add a few spoonfuls of cornstarch to some a small amount of cold water, then whisk that misture into the dripppings and reduce in a small saucepan if you prefer more of a gravy texture. I usually just set all of the chicken onto a serving platter and pour some of the cooking liquid over it. Enjoy!

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HeatherFeather December 23, 2002

I made this recipe using chicken leg quarters, and served them over rice. The sauce was very good, however a bit too sweet for me. Next time I will cut down on the honey. Regardless, the chicken was delicious, and the recipe easy to prepare.

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misfit October 01, 2002

I didn't think the chicken was ugly at all! I made this on April 1 and when I told the children what I was cooking, they thought it was an April Fool's joke. I really liked this recipe, but for some reason the children didn't care for it. DS said he didn't like the sauce...go figure, I thought it was delicious! I'll save this recipe for special occasions with DH.

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Dreamgoddess April 03, 2003

I made this for dinner last night, and I must say, it really wasn't all that ugly. The sauce turned out really good though. I should have read all the comments before however, because I used boneless chicken breasts and didn't alter the cooking time, so they turned out a bit dry. I will definitely try this again though and cut down the baking time.

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loriyeargan December 20, 2002

This was very good and very easy to make. This is one of those dishes you can get quickly in the oven when you are a hurry but the results are as good as if you slaved over a hot stove for hours! Served it with rice and steamed baby carrots.

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Sharlene~W November 16, 2002

This was SOOOOO good. I only had two boneless, skinless breasts and had kind of a hard time adjusting the cooking times. I overcooked a little, but it was a real winner with me and my roommate. Served with au gratin potatoes and a salad. Thanks!!!

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Mariah November 15, 2002
Ugly Naked Chicken