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This is tangy, sweet and spicy. In place of the small onions I used one large. I did use way more then 2 cups of veggies more like 6. My choice of veggies was potatoes, eggplant, acorn squash, green beans, and tomatoes, all home grown and one red bell pepper. Skipped the Hung just not my thing! But garlic is so I used it in place of it. My choice of oil was coconut oil. Which is not included in the list or nutritional facts. Instead of grinding the spice mixture I added it to the food processor along with the coked dal and processed till smooth. Served over rice.

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Rita~ September 27, 2012

Love me some Sambar--and this recipe is close to what I got at friends houses in Kerala State, South India. Tuvar dal is the little orange lentils(get the split ones, they cook superfast) Urad dal is the little white lentil that is also used in my favorite accompaniments to Sambar--Dosas and Idli. We use garlic in place of hing.

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ashkani August 29, 2008

Great! The only thing different that I did was to use 1/4 cup dried coconut instead of fresh.

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Andtototoo! August 10, 2008

I loved the recipe. It was so well described that i just didn't have any problems cooking it and it came out really well!!!!!

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Pjoshi October 23, 2007

I made this for my family with masala dosa, and this was a really nice sambhar with lots of coconut flavor. Everyone loves it, and shall make again. Thanks for another great recipe Fay!

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Blue Peacock July 21, 2005

I made this for dinner last night and served it with Basmati rice. Simply sinfully delicious, Fay! I did add 2 tsps. of cumin seeds in step 8 alongwith the mustard seeds. Instead of the jaggery/brown sugar, I used 2 tsps. of white sugar. I've never heard of anyone using brown sugar instead of jaggery:) I did have it on hand, you know, but I've always used white sugar as a substitute, so I can vouch for that working well as a substitute. As far as that pinch of hing goes, I used 1 tbsp. instead of a small pinch. I had a problem with the coconut{breaking open a coconut can be as hard as climbing Mount Everest when you dont have the right tool in your hand. SIGH! Thanks to Mr. Subhash of Shamiana Indian Cusisine, he is an angel - he broke it open for me and cut it into smaller pcs. too which made it easier for me to grate and use}. I used a little less than 1/2 cup of grated coconut for this recipe. Now coming to the tamarind pulp - I used 1 medium-sized chopped tomato as a substitute instead of the tamarind pulp. I am trying to avoid using tamarind because I'm just watching my diet a little closely these days. Tamarind juice is delicious but it makes me get a bad throat sooner than ever, that's why I prefer tomato instead - the idea is the same anyways, to make the sambar "khatta" as they sa;). Now for the vegetables, I used just 3 medium-sized carrots and 2 medium-sized potatoes, chopped into big chunks. My sambar could have had more veggies, but I didn't have too much on hand. The carrots and potatoes that I used were equivalent to 3 cups. I used 1 tsp. of salt for this sambar curry instead of just 1/4 tsp. Now, about the way I cooked this. I followed step 17 right after step 11, i.e., I added the mashed toor dal and the ground coconut paste to the stir-fried onions and cooked that before adding the vegetables. I think this is important to do if you want your masala to cook well. All in all this was DELICIOUS and I ended up having 3 bowls of this! My dad had 3 too. I had the best sleep ever last night{9hours sleep!}. I will make this again for sure. If only my mom was here she would have loved it too. SIGH! Maybe one day she'll be with us here. Thanks for posting this Fay!

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Charishma_Ramchandani June 14, 2004
Udipi Sambar