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I used to live a short drive from UBC; never tried their cinnamon buns, so I thought I'd give this recipe a try. Thank you for the explicit instructions. Dough was very sticky and hard to work with at first, but after the first rise, it was soft and elastic. My icing "leaked" when I rolled it up, both from the sides and through the dough, but it wasn't catastrophic. I like the fact that the dough is not too sweet, and the icing amount can be adjusted to suit individual taste. I was looking for a more ...pull-apart, chewy, and soft texture though, and this wasn't quite it. I still give it a 4star because it's just a matter of personal preference. Next time I visit UBC, I will try the bun and tell you how much this resembles the real mccoy. THank you Cornelia!

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MooseCall August 01, 2003
Ubc Cinnamon Buns