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We liked these... it was a little time consuming but relatively easy to make and the instructions were good for this tasty dish but DH and I would have prefered it to have been slightly less bland. I couldn't find my cayenne pepper anywhere so added about 10 drops of tabasco sauce, but even then it all tasted really mild and we were looking for the spark that would set it apart, and didn't find it. I would certainly be happy to make this again but with extra herbs and/or spices to make it little more special. There is nothing wrong with the taste at all, inso far as that it was perfectly acceptably edible ... it was just too bland for our tastes. Please see my rating system: 3 stars for a recipe that I think I will tinker with and spice up to suit us better. It was certainly worth trying a new recipe. Thanks!

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kiwidutch April 25, 2007
Tzipi's Egyptian Ground Fish Rolls