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Ultimate fried chicken! A labor of love, but the intense flavoring from the herbs during par-baking, combined with the buttermilk-hot sauce marinade, the flour-garlic-onion coating, and the garlic-herb infused cooking oil made a perfect thin-crusted chicken. Tossing the garlic and herbs in the oil while it heated up ensured that the oil reached a high enough temperature for non-soggy frying. This was quite a production, but if I had baked the chicken all the way instead of frying, the chicken would have been soggier. If you want to impress someone that you make the world's best fried chicken, you must try this recipe! Served with Crazy Rice - Brazilian. Made for Rookie Recipe Tag.

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KateL April 07, 2014
Tyler Forence's-Extra Crispy Fried Chicken