Two Sisters' Chicken Salad

Total Time
2 hrs
0 mins

I hope you enjoy this recipe from the Court of Two Sisters in New Orleans. Prep time includes time to chill.

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  1. In a large salad bowl blend together chicken, celery, onions, salt, lemon juice, and grapes. Refrigerate 4 hours or overnight.
  2. Just prior to serving add mayonnaise, oranges, and almonds, tossing gently to avoid breaking the oranges.
  3. Serve on leaves of Romaine or Boston lettuce or scoop generously into a avocado half.
  4. Serves 4 large portions or 8 smaller ones.
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This is was a great chicken salad and very simple to make. Instead of using Romaine lettuce I served this on toasted onion buns. My family can't wait for me to make this again

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Made as posted without the grapes. Had 2 leftover rotisserie breasts, so that added extra flavor. DH and I had for dinner with just enough for lunch the next day. There was a nice crunch, and the oranges added just the right sweetness ! Thanks for posting, Bev.