Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 45 mins

The most charming place I have ever eaten was the Inn On Brushy Creek in Austin when I lived there in the mid 80's. It was a small house converted into a dining room and kitchen that only served 12 tables at a time and they were only open on the weekends. It was BYOB and the family cat was always basking on the hearth of the fireplace but would occasionally patrol the room looking for attention. The proprietors were a charming elderly male couple who would visit you tableside to make sure dinner was perfect, which it always was. You never knew what was on the menu for the evening because they changed the menu every weekend but the meals were always world class. You would have your choice of the fish, chicken, or beef. But- they always served this soup as a first course. After months of pleading and an impromptu performance of "Stand By Your Man" to a stunned but enthusiastic dinner crowd, they gave me the recipe and a standing ovation. Delighted but humiliated, I asked what the name of the House Soup really was, and they said, "Two Old Queens Soup!" The dining room roared with laughter. That was the most enjoyable meal I ever had.

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  1. Sauté onions in oil until transparent.
  2. Add diced kielbasa and brown lightly.
  3. Push mixture to the side of the skillet and add garlic in the space you made and sauté for thirty seconds.
  4. Remove all of this and place in a soup pot with the remaining ingredients. (including any blackened bits that occurred!).
  5. Bring soup to a boil and then reduce to a simmer for 35-45 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  6. Salt and pepper to taste.
  7. *Note: They smoked their own Kielbasa with a smoker. Next time you are grilling, throw an extra Kielbasa link on the BBQ. It adds a really nice touch to the dish).
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This was fabulous! I made it as directed, but for my 6yo, I picked out the potato and meat, pureed with an immersion blender then added the meat and potatoes back in (I knew he would not eat it if he saw the other "stuff" in it). We all ate our soup, thoroughly enjoying it. When I was putting the leftovers away, there was a bit of the pureed soup left so I tasted it. OMG - it was out of this world! I thought it was excellent to begin with, but blended it was so much better. Very pleasing texture and flavor. So much so that I picked the meat and potatoes out of the rest of the leftovers and pureed it before adding back in. That is how I will be making it from now on. I will have to figure out a way to have the meat and potatoes in there but easier to remove. Cheesecloth maybe? Hmmmmm Oh, and I might add more kielbasa too!

JenniferK2 March 27, 2010

Star light, Star bright...First star i see tonite. Wish I may, wish I might...have Two Old Queens Soup tonite! It was delicious. I must admit that after reading the ingredients list, I didn't have much hope of trying it, much less liking it. How could I resist, though, when I had just about everything on hand--especially knowing what you, Pot Scrubber, had to go through just to bring this recipe to the masses? That's right, I couldn't resist. So, here i am now, singing your praises. Thank you!<br/><br/>Here are the modifications I made: I sauteed the onions & summer squash (chopped) in a small bit of bacon grease. Didn't have the new potatoes, so I diced up some russets. I used light kidney beans (cos i don't know the difference between light & dark &/or if it mattered) & used Kitchen Basics beef stock (cos I love it so). I think i put in a little less cabbage than a small head (just because) and diced/browned the turkey kielbasa in my cast iron skillet before de-glazing and dumping it all in my soup pot. I had to simmer for the full 45 minutes, but, wow, it was so worth the wait!

Jug O'Mud April 24, 2013

OH SO GOOD!!!! I was looking for a recipe with cabbage and kielbasa. Wasn't too sure when I found this recipe but was so pleased with the result. My husband (who likes NOTHING that I make b/c we have such different taste preferences) had 2 bowls without doctoring it up with his cabinet full of spices. That is what I call a hit!!!

mindynicole7 November 20, 2012