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I used freshly snipped chives to add a color variant for the photo, but otherwise was faithful to your recipe. I had a presentation issue unrelated to the recipe. I wrapped the potatoes in foil to bake. Just as they finished baking yesterday, we got an unexpected invite to join friends for dinner & I put the potatoes in the fridge. When I got them out today to complete the recipe, their jackets literally fell away from the cooked flesh. So I completed the recipe & baked the mixture in gratin dishes. All that said to explain the photo, I should tell you my DH is very fond of twice-baked potatoes but I have never made them w/sweet potatoes. Per DH, *Well worth 5 stars and I will be happy to see these potatoes on my plate as often as you can fix them* – high praise from one who reveres potatoes & ensures they will be repeated. Made for Photo Tag & thx for sharing this keeper recipe w/us.

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twissis November 18, 2007

Loved this. I only made one but was so good. Served with steak and broccoli salad.

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adopt a greyhound October 05, 2014

Yummy. Had to sub the shallots and cheese, didn't have them on hand. Otherwise, the only thing I did different, was to scoop out to 1/4 inch from skin, then bake the shell for 15 minutes before filling. Holds together better. Will be making again.

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Beagle Mama June 23, 2014

I bought shallots today for the express purpose of making this. My only substitution was Grana Padano parmesan rather than Asiago, because I already had it in the house. My sweet potatoes were so fresh that the skins were too fragile after baking stuff with the filling. So we just served them up in bowls and sprinkled the bacon on top. This recipe is outstanding. I never thought I would enjoy cheese with sweet potatoes but this was outrageously delicious! It's going in our regular recipe rotation. This and a salad is all you need for a cold weather supper.

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Bluemonkey October 06, 2011

This was so good. I was out of sour cream so I used 1 pc of laughing cow cheese (like cream cheese) and used cheddar cheese. By far the best way to fix sweet potatoes. My non sweet potatoe liking DH even said I really like these. Great job on a good recipe.

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MsSally January 28, 2008

I omitted the bacon. This is a great alternative to sugary ways to fix this.

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Nyteglori October 15, 2007
Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes