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My first attempt at these did not go so well. I practically shredded the skins while scooping, and since I didn't seem to microwave them enough (or mash them with the rest of the stuff well enough) when I baked them I had large, uncooked potato chunks. Ugh. My 2nd attempt went much better. I had two medium (almost large) potatoes that I microwaved for 7 minutes (together) and took my time with the scooping. I also made a point to mash the potato scoopings a little bit when mixing. My only two complaints: 1. With all the alfredo sauce and cheese added, I wound up throwing away about 1/3 of the mix, even with overfilling. Maybe it would work better with a larger shell (as in just a slice out of the top...so there is more space to overfill) 2. They were almost a little bit bland. More cheese, more pepper...I don't know. I will try again, though!

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hodgemo2 July 12, 2009

Tasted great but made a huge mess. I doubled the recipe because twice-baked always go really fast around my house and I don't know what went wrong (maybe the potatoes weren't big enough or there was too much cheese or my alfredo sauce was too runny or all of the above) the mashed potatoe mixture seemed okay when I piled it back into the potatoes but when it heated up it liquified and overflowed the pan. It would also be nice if the directions listed an aproximate time to microwave the potatoes, having always baked my potatoes in the oven I really had no clue. I started at 3 minutes and just hit the minute plus button a bunch of times until they seemed done (9 or 10 minutes altogether I think). I didn't like the texture as much as actually baking so I think next time I'll just plan for the extra hour or so and bake them in the oven. I used KITTENCAL's #164953 Alfredo Sauce "the Best!" and think I needed to adjust the seasoning in the potatoes for the sauce. The garlic and paprika were nice additions, but the thyme was a bit on the strong side. Thanks anyway.

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littleturtle August 25, 2006

Just great!!! My kids gave it 10 stars! I used Ragu alfredo sauce.

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Charmie777 May 02, 2006

My oh my -- these were fantastic!! I used Alfredo Sauce for Alfredo Sauce, by Marg@Cayman Designs -- with the addition of cornstarch to thicken. These potatoes are wonderful -- and hubby and I agree they're the best twice-baked potatoes we have ever had. Thanks so much, peacefulnight dove, for posting these! Dianne

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Pianolady January 01, 2006

These taste AWESOME! I did have a hang up: I bought the largest red potatoes I could find, but still, the ratio of potato stuff to cheesy stuff was wayyyy over on the cheesy side. I should have just not added so must of the cheese mixture to the potato stuff, but I went ahead and added it all anyway and it came out like the best cheese fondue you've ever tasted, in a convenient potato bowl. Hehe. We loooved dipping our broccoli and cauliflower into it. Mmmm. Next time I'll buy more potatoes, or downsize the cheesy mix to get the right consistency. I can't wait to try it again! Thanks!

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LA28 July 26, 2005
Twice-Baked Alfredo Potatoes