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All I can say is "Yummy"! This was easy to put together and healthy, too! I didn't have any honey, so I subbed the same amount of brown sugar and rubbed it onto the salmon with the other seasonings. I used pinot noir for the red wine. Because I was too lazy to go to the store for grapes, I just left those out. It turned out great and didn't seem to suffer from my subs. This was very good and really pretty also. Thanks for a great recipe!

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CASunshine January 15, 2008

on flavor/taste alone, this ranks a 5* but i was a bit flummoxed about the sauce. i wasn't so much a sauce per se as much as it was just grapes in wine. i thought maybe it would thicken some as the grapes reduced...maybe one should use over-ripe grapes or puree the grapes? that said, i didn't have any trouble at all with the grapes being too strong after cooking. all that said, the taste is great and i would love to make this again, if i can figure out the sauce.

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eatrealfood July 12, 2005

I made this recipe for a date with my boyfriend.. instant hit. To the point of him asking for it every week and he's not really a fish fan! The seasoning is delicious, with a slightly spicy tang overlaying the sweetness of the honey glaze and the natural flavor of the fish. The grape sauce incredible. It would make an amazing dressing on its own, and is a truly delicious addition to my inventory. A few alterations to the recipe that really improves the flavor: - I found the grapes themselves a bit too strong once the sauce was done reducing while the sauce was great. To make it a little less overpowering, I strained them out and replaced with fresh. This not only resolved that minor issue, but it seemed to add a new level to the sauce that complimented the whole dish. - I mixed baby spinach and arugula instead of pure spinach, which may be a little strong for some people, but was absolutely delicious with the combination of tartness and sweetness from the grapes and wine. - I learned by my mothers knee that grapes and cheese are a match made in heaven, and a light sprinkling of a soft herbed cheese really made this a heavenly salmon fillet. A truly great dish; easy to prepare, simple ingredients and has a mouthwatering finish. It has skyrocketed to one of my favorites of all time.

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Styric June 03, 2005
Tuscan Salmon