Tuscan Panzanella

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Recipe by luvcookn

I think this recipe came from one of the Moosewood collection. As usual I didn't write down the method, but have included my way of putting it together. Feel free to do the same!

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  1. Dressing:.
  2. Combine all ingredients in either a food processor or bowl if using a hand blender.
  3. Process until smooth and creamy. Refrigerate.
  4. NOTE: I have noticed that the dressing becomes thick in the fridge -- so thin with a little milk (if desired).
  5. Grill zucchini and mushrooms until grill marks appear.
  6. Steam the asparagus, green beans, and snow peas (right at the end of steaming).
  7. Assembly.
  8. Place field greens in large salad bowl.
  9. Add the grilled and steamed veggies, tomatoes.
  10. Add the vinegar, salt and pepper, torn basil. Toss gently.
  11. Take the loaf of bread and tear into bite size pieces.
  12. Add to salad.
  13. Add the dressing (as much as you like) and toss.
  14. If there is any bread and dressing left over -- that is for the cook to noche on whenever she pleases -- lol Enjoy!

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