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This was quick and easy and pretty good, too. A little bitter from all the tang and the sage but I love white beans.

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Demandy April 19, 2014

Honestly, not sure where I went wrong with this one. Actually, I'm thinking that I may not like this combination of ingredients. The final dish seemed way too bitter. Between the canned tomatoes, lemon juice, and sage, the flavor just wasn't all that pleasant. Fresh tomatoes would be an improvement, I'm sure, but don't know that I would try this one again.

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Laughing in the Kitchen August 09, 2011

Excellent dish when the sage is going crazy in the garden. Hearty enough for a vegetarian main course, improves the next day, and it's good warm or cold. I added a diced onion in addition to the garlic, and I increased the sage substantially because I wanted that to be the keynote flavor. (But be a bit careful, too much sage can add a bitter note. So I began with about 3 T fresh sage, sauteed with the garlic and onions, then added another T. near the end of the cooking.) This dish is very forgiving-- you can used canned or fresh tomatoes and beans, but I think the fresh sage is key for a true Tuscan Fagioli. Try it over polenta of any type. When I'm in a rush, I just broil a few slices of that precooked polenta-in-a-tube (Trader Joes) and top with this dish. Super healthy and so tasty.

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ddgattina July 27, 2010

This was a nice bean salad that got even better over time. The next day this was so yummy cold! I substituted 2 cups diced fresh vine tomatoes for the can of diced tomatoes. Since I really wanted the fresh raw tomatoes, I added the beans to the sauteed garlic and sage for a brief minute and then added all of that to the raw tomatoes & lemon juice in a large bowl. I liked the use of fresh tomatoes, however, next time I will take care to drain them better and increase the sage to 3 tablespoons as the fresh tomatoes & juice kept raw drowned out the sage flavor a bit and I would have preferred more. It was great served with tuna salad. Thanks for posting! [Made & Reviewed for Healthy Choices ABC Tag]

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Gaia22 January 30, 2009

So delicious! I chose to use dried beans rather than canned and that's where my problems began... I allowed the beans to cook too long and they turned to mush. The end product looked more like hummous, but it still tasted good! I did add more lemon juice since beans require a good amount of salt anyway, I figured, well, rather use more lemon juice than more salt. Also snipped off some fresh sage from my herb garden which means this was a very inexpensive meal to prepare. Served over steamed short grain brown rice, but next time I will: use canned beans (or at least watch the bean cooking process more diligently), buy tomatoes from the farmers' market, and serve the beans over whole wheat pasta. Thank you for sharing your yummy recipe!

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COOKGIRl June 07, 2006

This is so quick to prepare and tasty as well! I made up a batch of luvmybge's Baked Brown Rice and just before it was done, put your yummy recipe to cook. Everything was done cooking at the same time. We all enjoyed the meal immensely. Even my daughter, who is a very picky eater, said this meal was good and I'll try nearly anything if it means getting her to eat healthy. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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Irmgard May 26, 2006
Tuscan Beans With Sage