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Three words sum up this recipe: TO-DIE-FOR!!!! So good!!! I sprayed the crockpot with cooking spray, put 1 1/2 large onions, sliced, on bottom of the crock, then added the chicken that I had coated well with kosher salt,coarsely ground pepper and McCormick's 'Grill Mates Montreal Chicken Seasoning'. (Rubbed some of the salt & pepper under the skin of the breast and also sprinkled inside the cavity). Used about 1 or 2 T. Worcestershire Sauce 1/4 c. hickory flavored liquid smoke, 1/4 c. water and then squeezed 1/2 a lemon over top and then stuffed it into the cavity. Cooked on LOW for 12 hours. YUM-O!!! Thanks for this wonderful cooking technique ThatBobbieGirl!! It's a keeper. NOTE: This was not overly "smoky" or bland at all!

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mammafishy August 15, 2010

I used six large boneless, skinless chicken breasts that were partially frozen. I poured the 1/4 cup liquid smoke over them as the recipe stated, then I poured about 1/8 cup worcestershire sauce over them. I cooked them on high approximately 3 hours. They were falling apart tender. So simple. ThatBobbieGirl, I thank you for sharing such a simple recipe for a delicious entree.

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Junebug September 29, 2004

This worked out well. I added some chopped onion to the bottom of the crockpot and them rubbed some Famous Daves Chicken seasoning along with poultry seasoning on the outside of the chicken as well as the cavity. I let it cook for seven hours and it was too long, next time I will check at six hours, but didn't make much difference to us, we enjoyed this chicken anyway. Thank you for sharing.

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mommyoffour October 30, 2010

oh, perfect! I actually used (not even quite) a pound of boneless, skinless chicken tenders that I had wanted to cook for shredded chicken, but I wanted to try something new. This was the right choice! I seasoned them with Mrs. Dash for chicken, used one tablespoon plus one teaspoon of liquid smoke, a dash of worcestershire, and a bit of water and had them on low in my mini-crock pot for about two hours. It worked wonderfully, thanks for the great idea!

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Froggus. August 24, 2011

Perhaps I should have taken time to read more of the 124 reviews! It wasn't exactly what I envisioned, but we were pleased. I did rub the chicken with salt and pepper as some others advised; and at 8 hours the chicken was falling off the bone. Next time -- I'll pull the skin because too much of the smoked flavor was lost when that was removed. July edition: perhaps someone else in the 124 reviews has already tried this but I've not taken the time to read them all. I tried this with a pork loin and it was wonderful! I did add about 1/4 cup of water because the pork loin was so lean.

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Jenny Ann July 05, 2008

Very good! The chicken was moist and falling apart. I made gravy with the juice and it was sooo good over mashed potatoes. The only change I would make is to season the chicken a little more...I may try brining it next time. Thanks for a great recipe!

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texas*gal October 25, 2006

Great idea! This was so simple and turned out great! I threw some sliced garlic into the pot, and salted/peppered as some others have said to try. Also a good idea to add onion and 1/2 of a lemon. The whole house smelled like yummy smoked chicken. I used the chicken to make enchilladas (thanks to MizzNezz for that recipe) for lunch today. Thanks Bobbie!

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CharleneMc November 05, 2008

My first recipe ever made from this site and the whole family loved it! After reading reviews I decided to pull the skin from the breast, put two pats of butter and lemon pepper rub underneath. Also put an onion in the cavity with some butter, covered the whole thing with lemon pepper and garlic powder and through a lemon cut up into the pan. Turned out GREAT. I also cooked the last hour in a slow oven to brown. We loved it!

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Concubine September 11, 2008

Make sure the bird is completely dry before you put in the pot, that made the great deal difference. Great dish.

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yanny yummy November 11, 2004

Enjoyed every bite! Now that said this is a technique that works well if using most of mamma fishy's suggestions. Started with a small young chicken that was still 90% frozen, after rinsing and drying seconded inside and out with McCormick's "Grill Mates Molasses Bacon". Placed chicken atop a sliced onion and mixed 1 T. Worcestershire Sauce with 1/4 c. hickory flavored liquid smoke and 1/4 cup water and 1/2 a lemon juiced. Cooked on low for 10 hours and sorry no photo as it fell apart coming out of the pot it was so tender. Cooking breast side down is the secret as it kept the breast really moist and tender. Thanks for the post, we will be enjoying again.

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Debbwl October 12, 2013
Turn Your Crock Pot Into a Smokehouse Chicken (Smoked Chicken)