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Cook 20 mins

I've seen many varying dishes of rice in Turkey, all of them quite good, so this is just one of many. This variation has a good taste, but because the flavor isn't too bold it makes an easy side dish to most meals. Afiyet Olsun!

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  1. Over high heat, add oil and brown rice to pan.
  2. Cook until rice is browned well (will look dark, almost burnt -- if using noodles, they will look slightly burnt).
  3. Mix in water, white rice, and boulion cube (for easier mixing, break cube first).
  4. Sprinkle a small amount of vegetable seasonsing over the mixture (amount depending on desired taste -- I would guess about 0.5 to 1 TBSP max). Stir.
  5. Turn heat to medium and cover.
  6. Occasionally stirring the rice, cook until tender (water will be gone before rice is done).


Most Helpful

The turkishness in that recipe lies in the fact that it was made and tried and tasted in turkey dude.and like she says it's one of may "seem" to you an ordinary rice dish that's why you have to taste it to understand the difference. u guys think we turks use olive oil with everything? how many times have you been to turkey? we use sunflower or corn oil more than any other kinds. i never saw anyone make rice with olive oil in turkey. olive oil makes up a part of our cuisine but dont think that we use it with everything all the time.

Lujke December 12, 2005

My DH loved at as did our sons. I don't know what "dvoulio" is talking about it tastes almost the same as the one we get from our local Turish resturant.

Kiro Sushi February 01, 2009

Although it is not healthy pilav should be cooked with BUTTER. Secondly you should use vermicelli pasta or ozzo pasta as noodle. After you turn off the heat cover the pot with a paper napkin and put the lid on and let stay at least 20 min. You can also use chicken or beef stock instead of bouillon cube, just do not forget the liquid should 1,5 to 1 rice in total. I hope you enjoy it.

Chef asli April 20, 2006

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