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This was just ok. A bit bland, a little mushy, and not the most exciting color. I guess it would be good as a side to something very spicy, though.

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Trinkets August 09, 2010

i loved this very simple very flavorfulzaar tour 6

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Dienia B. June 18, 2010

I love aubergines, and this was just perfect - I loved the freshness of the mint. Thank you! Made for ZWT6.

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English_Rose June 16, 2010

Yum! I have to admit I had my reservations about this recipe but I need not have worried. I made as written but did not fry the eggplant, but baked instead, and used tinned tomatoes. I also added 1/2 tsp cumin, but I don't think that was necessary. Thanks!

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Chickee May 01, 2010

I really liked this, especially the flavor of the mint. It's great to find a rice recipe that doesn't use meat but still tastes good. I made a few small changes. I used vegetable stock instead of chicken and after frying the onion (before adding the tomato and herbs) I added half a cup of tomato paste with 1 teaspoon of curry powder and one teaspoon of baharat spices and fried and mixed that for a minute. This gives the tomato paste a really strong flavor that flavors the whole dish and really brings out the spices (my in laws use this technique for every dish with tomato in it). Also I used fresh chopped tomato not canned so I didn't have quite enough liquid and a small layer at the top of the rice was not quite cooked so next time I will add a bit more water. I will definitely make again and next time I will substitute some of the fried eggplant for fried mushroom which I think will be really delicious and give the dish a more meaty taste.

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zainab23 April 02, 2010

OMG...I am in love...thank you thank you for this recipe! a great hit! I also steamed my rice seperately..but still wonderful!

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DocMomOf3 November 03, 2009

I really enjoyed this despite my bad rice cooking and a few other mistakes I made. I halved the recipe because I only had one eggplant but otherwise I tried to make it according to recipe (at this everyone who knows me snickers as I am notorious for being unable to leave a recipe alone...) and actually did not make any substitutions other than where I did not have what was called for as in I put in a bunch of cherry tomatoes as thats all I had, I had no parsley and had only dried mint. I made the mistake of putting the onions in with the eggplant and then overcooked the eggplant and almost caramelized the onions because I got busy with the kids and wasn't watching closely enough. when it came to adding the rice I thought I should dump everything into my rice steamer. I am bad at cooking rice, always too sticky or not cooked enough and I count on my rice steamer to save me. But at the last minute I decided to cook according to directions. I even did the paper towels but the rice was not cooked enough. I don't blame the recipe I just should have followed my instincts and use the rice steamer. I will definitely make this again. I love eggplant and the flavor of this was wonderful, loved the mint. I served it with scrambled ground lamb simmered in a jar of spicy tomato and ginger cooking sauce. My dh loved the pilaf best. thanks so much for sharing this I can see it becoming a regular at our house.

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3isles October 06, 2009

This was really good!! I served it with Cucumber Salad With Yogurt (Middle East, Palestine) rather than plain yogurt. and it went really well. I did use a large can of diced tomatoes... didn't want to peel and chop mine either. We really enjoyed this. Will be making again for sure.

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Maya's Mama September 10, 2009

Really good, just like you said. I served it with flat bread or khoubiz with Za'atar on it. Yogurt would have been really good with it but I forgot to serve it this time. I used 28 oz of canned whole tomatoes and cut them up for the 2 cups of tomatoes. This is a great lunch recipe or side dish. I really like the parsley and mint in it, they add a nice fresh brightness to the dish. The only thing I might change next time is to put the eggplant into the rice near the end of the rice's cooking time to keep it from getting to soft, that's all. Thanks Ummbinat, I'll be keeping this one!

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Leah's Kitchen September 09, 2009
Turkish Eggplant (Aubergine) Pilaf (Patlicanli Pilav)