Turkish Coffee....kah'wah

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Recipe by chef FIFI

Turkish coffee is not just limited to turkey, but is a traditional drink all over the middle east. You can buy freshly roasted and prepared coffee beans while you wait Turkish coffee from most middle eastern grocers in the united states. They usually use a combo blend of light and dark coffee beans and grind cardamom up in it at the same time.You can even purchase Turkish coffee pots that Turkish coffee is made in at most grocers. If you don't have a Turkish coffee pot, don't worry, you can use any pot. This recipe is the next best thing.*Measurements are approximate, so you may add or decrease according to taste buds*

Top Review by Annacia

I'm enjoying this for my morning coffee and it's lovely, a bright spot on a dark winter morning. :D

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  1. Place water and sugar in a large enough pot to boil the water.
  2. Make sure you allow room, because boiling coffee tends to want to boil up and over.
  3. Once boil is achieved, add coffee, very slowly, and decrease heat.
  4. Stir coffee very frequently.
  5. When making it, I let it comes to a boil and when it starts to boil up the pot I take it off the burner for 2 seconds, then repeat the steps 3-4 times.
  6. Serve in demitasse cups.
  7. *Do not leave coffee boiling on stove unattended, it WILL boil over*.
  8. *If serving for a large group, just double or triple the recipe accordingly*.

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