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I used this salad as one of three for a summer meal get-together, and adults and kids alike loved it! I had to use brown rice because wild rice was nowhere to be seen, and put some peas and corn kernels in as well, and soaked the dried cranberries and raisins in apple juice and honey. AWESOME dish thank you!

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Cas December 09, 2009

This was yummy. I couldn't find fresh canberries so after asking the chef, I used sweetened dried cranberries that had been softened in water and left out steps 6-8, with great results. The sweet/tart combo of the cranberries really went nice with the turkey, the dressing was nice and mellow and the veggies gave it a nice crunch. I overcooked the rice because I used a rice blend and should have followed the package directions instead of the recipe. I'll know better next time! We used the lettuce to make wraps with these. Will definitely make again! Thanks, Mirj.

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little_wing April 11, 2007
Turkey, Wild Rice and Cranberry Salad