Total Time
1hr 45mins
Prep 45 mins
Cook 1 hr

This is a make-ahead meal: one of many I made in preparation for the birth of my daughter. This would be a great way to use leftover Thanksgiving turkey.

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  1. This is a make ahead meal and there are three ways you can make these: individual pans (8- 9 round foil tart or pot pie pans 5 inches across, 1 1/4 inches deep); family casseroles (2 8x8x2 inch foil pans); and company sized (1 8x12x1 inch foil pan, slide this sized pan onto a cutting board before handling hot as it is large).
  2. Cook linguine 3/4 of time recommended by manufacturer.
  3. Rinse under cold running water until cool and let drain.
  4. Combine everything but butter, breadcrumbs, and cheese.
  5. Pour this mixture equally into whatever sized pan (s) you have decided on.
  6. Freeze uncovered while you make the breadcrumbs.
  7. Melt the butter.
  8. Stir breadcrumbs in and cook until light amber.
  9. Spread hot crumbs on a plate and refrigerate about 30 minutes to cool.
  10. Blend Parmesan into cooled crumbs.
  11. Spread crumbs evenly over pan (s).
  12. Cover with foil and label.
  13. When ready to cook preheat oven to 400 and uncover pan (s).
  14. Both the individual and family sizes take an hour to cook.
  15. The company size takes an hour and 15 minutes.
Most Helpful

VERY DRY. Wouldn't make this again.

Stephie Biggs September 04, 2003

Wow, this was creamy, flavorful and was well liked by all 10 of my dinner guests! Dinner was planned following a long hike in the mountains, so having a great dinner that was ready to just pop into the oven when we arrived back here was also terrific!

Faithfull August 21, 2009

My family absolutely LOVED this casserole, and I loved having the made-for-freezing recipe format to use with leftover Thanksgiving turkey. Both casseroles turned out very creamy and well-seasoned. I did make several substitutions: 1) Bowtie pasta instead of linguine, at the request of my husband (he doesn't like the texture of linguine in a casserole); 2) Cream of chicken soup instead of cream of mushroom (due to my mushroom allergy); 3) Chopped onions instead of sliced mushrooms (again, due to my allergy). I froze these with the cooking instuctions on a post-it note in between the foil and the plastic wrap - super easy to cook on a busy evening after work!

emmyport January 25, 2009