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this did fill my 6 qt. crockpt to the brim! Was so worth making homemade broth. turned out delicious and amazed at the meat i got from carcass in addition to what i had carved. Thank you

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jellyko January 18, 2010

I started making this soup back in 2009, and while the soup maybe a bit time consuming, in the end you will have a really delicious tasting soup. I cooked this soup in my 6-quart slow-cooker (which I highly suggest one uses a 6-quart slow-cooker), and I cooked the broth ingredients... the turkey, vegetables, spices, and water overnight and for 13 hours. I did however, add a bit more of the bouillon granules (2 Tablespoons) as per instructed in the cooking directions, and not the 2 tsp., as listed in the ingredients, but I only added 1/4 teaspoon of the pepper (rather than a 1/2 teaspoon), plus I also added 2 bay leaves. After straining the broth, and returning it to the slow-cooker, I ended up with 10-1/2 cups of the broth. When it came to adding the ingredients to make the soup the next day, I only added a 1/2 cup of diced onion, (rather than the 2 onions) and I thought that was more than enough onion (taste wise). But, I did add 4 carrots, thinly sliced (rather than the 2 carrots) or you can use 12-ounces of sliced baby carrots in place of the 4 carrots, plus I added 2 large cloves of garlic, minced. Instead of chopping the celery, I thinly sliced it, and the total amount of spices I added to the recipe were as follow... 1/2 tsp salt, 1/4 tsp dried basil leaves, 1/4 tsp dried majoram, 1/4 tsp dried oregano, 1/4 tsp dried thyme, and 1/4 tsp ground black pepper, but the next time I will just add an 1/8 tsp, or omit the additional pepper all together. As for the noodles, I added 8 ounces (2 cups) of Rotini (spiral shaped pasta). Also, I did add 3 - 4 cups of turkey meat. One more thing... when adding the parsley, I used dried parsley, and just added 1 teaspoon. Thank you Sage for posting this slow-cooked soup recipe. It was an easy way to make a soup with your leftover turkey carcass, meat, etc... Plus it was very good!!

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Domestic Goddess December 23, 2014

Sage, I was looking for a slow cooker recipe for this soup. This is delicious and so easy. I did not use the turkey carcass, just tossed in some of my cut up turkey meat. Doubled the thyme and poultry seasonning. Used "chicken base" that comes in a jar instead of bouillon. Used 7 oz Pennsylvania Dutch broad noodles. Delicious!! Great with a slice of Italian bread. Thanks for sharing. Chef #720649

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jnrazz November 30, 2009

Sage, this is great soup! The only thing I did differently was put the turkey into a stock pot only b/c I have a smaller crock pot. When I did the second phase I lined the crock pot with some cheapo liners I had bought from Amazon so the clean up was super easy after the second phase. Next time I will double the garlic, thyme, and pepper for the second phase. Made for Theirs, Yours, & Mine game.

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WiGal October 07, 2009
Turkey Soup for the Slow Cooker