Total Time
Prep 45 mins
Cook 1 min

This is a little late for Thanksgiving this year but it will be something fun to do next year. You can also do this for Christmas dinner if you are having turkey!! People young and old will get a kick out of it. I found the poem on the internet and made the project on my "Printmaster Platinum 16 printing program. I used the Business Card format that has 8 business cards per sheet of paper. If you want to use a larger font, you can use the label format using the shipping labels that has 4 labels per sheet of paper. If you have Printmaster and would like to use my template, please feel free to ISO me or email me and I will be more than happy to send it to you via email. This is a recipe for one "serving" Multiply it by however many of these you want to make. Preparation time is approximate depending on how long it takes you to make the project on your print program and to print them out. Cook time is the time it takes to make each bag and is also approximate.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 1 ziploc bag (or baggie)
  • 10 malted milk balls (Whoppers) or 10 chocolate-covered peanuts or 10 chocolate-covered raisins (or whatever you would like to use)


  1. You may also need a stapler (if necessary).
  2. This poem printed on paper: You invited me to Thanksgiving dinner, With your family and your friends(period) You didn't tell me I was the main dish, for me it was "THE END" (exclamation mark) You frightened me so badly--I knew I had been duped (exclamation mark) So, I left you with my calling card, this bag of turkey poop!
  3. Place the 10 malted milk balls (or whatever you are using) in the sandwich bag.
  4. Place the printed poem inside the sandwich hag so that it is in front of the malted milk balls (or whatever you use).
  5. Staple if necessary.
  6. Place at each table setting at dinner on Thanksgiving or Christmas day!
  7. Now watch the smiles on peoples faces and hear the laughter as well as ughs!
  8. Have a Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas!


Most Helpful

Too funny.... just like the snowman poop, can't wait to try them out but summer is coming and had enough of the cold weather. ;)

littleone2008 April 24, 2009

This is too funny!! Everyone got a big kick out of this little surprise at their place setting. I put half malted milk balls and half raisinettes in each bag to give a little variety in the "poop". Thanks for a truly unique idea Aunt WoofieWoof!

Lil Sis November 30, 2007

this is so funny! i also mixed in some plain raisins for a mix of fresh and dried out poop look lol!

tmw_2008 November 17, 2007

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