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Fabulous! My family and friends LOVE this recipe every time I make it. Instead of making it in a loaf pan, I used a muffin/cupcake pan to shorten the cooking time to around 25-30 minutes. (This also makes it easy for leftovers the next day!) I also only used about 1.5 lbs. of turkey, which I felt gave it more of a stuffing flavor. Overall, great recipe! I use it ALL the time!

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GatorBait March 22, 2010

We really loved this recipe!! It does make a HUGE loaf so a great one if you plan to have company over or have a large family. I did mess the recipe up a bit by using packaged gravey mix. I think that's what made it a little loose but even at that, the taste was oh so good. Next time I plan to add an extra egg and I'm going to try the canned soup idea. I think that would make it perfect. I might even omit the cup of water. Just try something to make a bit firmer meat loaf. All in all, this is definitely a keeper!!! Thanks for sharing, dgpat!!

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yedenmatka December 05, 2013

I used cream of mushroom in lieu of the gravy as some recommended. Yummo. I also divided the recipe in half (plenty for four servings) and baked longer than directed 120 minutes for a firmer texture. The making of this meatloaf was uber-easy. The eating of it even better. I can't wait to have the second half of this meal later this month when I whip it out of the freezer. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

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jaclynkb December 28, 2010

This recipe needs more good reviews! We thought it was amazing!!!!! I would say it's the best meatloaf I have ever had! SO Easy, SO few ingredients, and SOOOOOOOOO good! Thank you for sharing!! :o)

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jewlmaker December 03, 2010

Thank you for posting this delicious turkey meatloaf! I used one can of Cream of Mushroom/Chicken (...it's new, I've been using it for everything!) instead of the gravy. I used the first 1/4 cup as instructed but I used the rest of the can to spread over meatloaf-not 2/3rds as recipe says. I did use 2 lbs ground turkey but use the fattier version... 85/15 I think. I used the WHOLE (8 oz) canister-type chicken flavor stuffing-Walmart brand is fine. Baked it in a BUNDT pan like Shirl suggested and it was fabulous! Wow. We've been eating it for 3 days and I'm still not sick of it! :-)

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jVo November 04, 2009

My son cooked this - deviated a bit by pouring all of the gravy into the bowl, and compensated by tearing up 4 slices of white bread and mixing it all together. I have to say we truly enjoyed this more than any other meatloaf we've tried! The boys liked it so much they made two the next day for sammiches. :)

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Pinay0618 September 29, 2007

This is an outstanding recipe. I made as is but the only thing I had to change was I had to place it in a bundt pan. I had more turkey than I thought so I placed it in there, but made no alterations to the loaf itself and it turned out scrumptious. Very moist and full of flavor. I never added veggies cause I had no room. you have to use low sodium stove top though and possibly low sodium gravy if your watching salt intake.

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Shirl (J) 831 May 20, 2007

Great recipe! This was my first time making a turkey meatloaf and I will definitely be repeating the attempt! I took the advice of the other reviewers and used golden mushroom soup instead of gravy since we love mushrooms. I was a little worried after the first (covered) baking period because the loaf looked pale and uncooked, but the second hour made all the difference. Thanks so much for a tasty and easy dinner idea we will use again and again!

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queenofeats April 11, 2007

Needs salt and pepper but otherwise it is great. I also used golden mushroom soup instead of the gravy. Very moist and full of flavor, thanks so much!

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kaec February 01, 2007
Turkey Meatloaf (no Ketchup or Tomato)