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Sometimes I regret using ground turkey because it just doesn't taste as good as ground beef. This time was an exception. These were so moist going into the crockpot that I didn't think they would stick together as meatballs but they did! The flavour of these was really nice, maybe use a little more seasoning next time. I think that I would prefer them done in a pan or in the oven because they were a little anemic. It probably didn't help that I served them with rice and cauliflower - ha ha ha! Made for Rookie Recipe tag game. Thanks duonyte! :)

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Nif February 17, 2013

I've made this recipe from Stepanie O'Dea before and it was great. I, too, used breadcrumbs as we're not celiac and they stayed together very well. I added some BBQ sauce just to add some extra flavour and to make them look more traditional of meatballs out of the crock for the kids and husband. These meatballs are delicious and I'm planning on making a big crock of them for supper!

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dunebuggy8 September 30, 2012

We really enjoyed these meatballs (I used ground chicken instead of the turkey). I added about 2 cups chicken broth to make meatball soup for a very enjoyable dinner. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ February 17, 2011
Turkey Meatballs With Cheese and Apple (Slow Cooker, Gluten-Free