Turkey Legs Braised in Red Wine

Total Time
2hrs 20mins
Prep 20 mins
Cook 2 hrs

Earthy comfort food. Your kitchen will smell great for the 2-2.5 hours it takes to cook this and your guests will love you.

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  1. Rinse turkey and pat dry.
  2. In a shallow bowl, mix flour, salt, oregano and pepper.
  3. Dust turkey with flour mixture; set remaining flour mixture aside.
  4. Heat oil in a wide frying pan over medium heat. Add turkey, a few pieces at a time (do not crowd pan); cook, turning as needed, until browned on all sides. Transfer to a 4 to 6-quart baking pan.
  5. Add onions and garlic to frying pan; cook, stirring often, until onions are soft, about 5 minutes.
  6. Add broth and wine, stirring to scrape browned bits free. Then add bay leaf, thyme and rosemary.
  7. Pour broth mixture over turkey, cover, and bake in a 350*F (175*C) oven until turkey is very tender when pierced, about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.
  8. Lift turkey from baking pan and arrange in a serving dish.
  9. Measure reserved flour mixture and blend with an equal amount of cold water; stir into pan juices. Cook, stirring, until sauce boils and thickens.
  10. Spoon some of the sauce over turkey; pour remainder in a small serving dish and offer to spoon over individual servings.
Most Helpful

Pretty good. Gravy was awesome. The only thing missing from this recipe is some sage. It definitely made something nice out of a cheap leg of turkey.

CelticBrewer April 22, 2010

We totally enjoyed this recipe! The baking time works beautifully. I've always baked chicken pieces at one temperature the entire time in the oven. Baking at the higher temperature gets the meat cooking then the lower temperature finishes it without drying it out. I will bake chicken this way from now on! It is juicy, tender, and melts in your mouth. An unusual occurance for meat but a delicious one!!!!

MsPieBakerOH-AZ October 27, 2011

That was great.Used all fresh herbs, and sage instead of rosemary, which I don't like. There was nothing left. Will do this again

ms deeds July 16, 2011