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Delicious!!! I did make a few changes, as it was just DH and I for dinner. I used a 5+ lb roaster chicken and didn't actually weight the cheesecloth, just cut it to cover the chicken and then again for the herbs. Not sure if this was a typo, but thinking so, I feel 8 sticks of butter (2 lbs) is way too much, even though I just love butter, for a 15 lb turkey. I used less then 1 stick, about 6-7 tablespoons, some to rub over the skin and the rest in with the herbs and wine used for basting, which was perfect for my smaller chicken, but would probably cut back a little on that amount next time. I used fresh thyme and sage for my herbs, chardonnay wine (one mini bottle from a 4 pack) and put a couple of chunks of onion and fresh lemon in the cavity. End result was just fantastic!!! Definitely will be doing this for our next roasted chicken or turkey!!! I posted 3 photos, just of the pre and post cooking of the bird, as Corilayn has an awesome photo of the finished turkey!! Thanks for another great recipe!!! Made for Spring 2013 PAC!!

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diner524 March 26, 2013

I actually used this recipe 2 years ago for the first time. This turkey turns out amazingly juicy and delicious. I've had people who hate turkey end up loving it. Will be doing it again this year! Thanks so much for the recipe. =]

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Manda S. November 25, 2010
Turkey Everyone Raves About